Beauty & Style

Beauty and Style

Ancient Greek Beauty Tips You Can Use Today

tips for glowing skin

Iconic marble buildings and elegant statues, unique architecture and warm image all are unmistakable elements of Ancient Greece. The country has preserved its delicate attractions to this day; one of the most prominent charms being the residents’ breathtaking beauty, who use the beauty methods of their ascendants to this day. …

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How to Get Rid of Blind Pimples

Get Rid of Blind Pimples

Pimples. These annoying bumps that appear on our skin, irritatingly tempt us to squeeze the life out of them to make those angry little lumps disappear. They appear for several reasons, mostly due to skin pores trapping dirt, sebum and bacteria and forming some kind of topical inflammation. In some …

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Learn to Find The Perfect Denim

Guide to Denim Inseams

" Denim Inseams " In our ongoing quest to find the perfect jeans, we say: the more knowledge, the better. Our denim guide is your one-stop shop for knowing the latest styles & trends, but what about the nitty-gritty technical stuff?

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Cool Summer Pant Ideas

Summer Pant

If baring your gams is not your favorite summer fashion move, we have the perfect game changer. Slip on a pair of summer pants. Lightweight, comfortable and on-trend, this versatile favorite will give you a leg up

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Top Skirt Choices For You

Skirts for Your Style

" The Best Skirts " Skirts are back in a big way. Whether you’re looking to give off the feminine and flirty vibes, pull off a laid back and effortless look or polish up your everyday style, skirts are the answer. And they’ve come such a long way: midis, minis, maxis, tulips, wraps, pencils, jersey knit, silks, tulle...

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Stylish Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Blanket Scarf

Wear a Blanket Scarf : Blanket scarves are certainly all the rage this fall, but their large size often leaves people totally stumped on how to actually wear them. I'm breaking down five easy ways to make blanket scarves functional and wearable..

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