Summer Pant

Cool Summer Pant Ideas

Sometimes it’s too warm to throw on regular pants, and shorts seem kind of unappealing or might get you somewhat cold. This is where summer pants come into play! There’s no reason not to go for these garments. They’re cool, lightweight, comfy and obviously trendy. According to how much skin you want to show, there are various styles to choose from. You can get a cropped, ankle-length, wide or tight pants for best looks. If you dig the fashion well you’ll find an endless sea of patterns, colors (pale or vibrant), feather-light fabrics and even flowy pants that give you vibes of wearing a soft PJ.

Summer Pant

Summer Pants with Decent Length

So-called ladylike styles including capri, clam-diggers or pedal pushers are perfect if you’re unwilling to let too much skin show, and shorter pants don’t appeal much to you. These styles sit below the knee and sometimes slightly above ankle, but you can shorten it to your own preference. To create a long line look, go for straight pants with simple patterns and color matching your top. If you’d like a classic look, tuck the shirt in your hemline and wear a nice belt around it. Cropped ends also enhance the appearance of footwear, whether it’s outstanding on its own or just a regular choice.

Bring Together Form and Function

Who doesn’t like cargo pants? A lot of people are fond of old school styles, in which cargos appear super iconic with their patch pockets and comfortably functioning nature. However, cargos of 21st century come with higher waist and are narrower in general. The set-up of cargo with crop tops and sneakers (or converse!) is definitely a unique way of paying your tributes to 90’s rock bands! If you’re more into pop culture however, stick to kitten heels and pair your pants with a ladylike blouse to kill the looks.

Pants Can Drape Too

No, we’re not talking about baggy pants. Drawstrings with zero structures are actually a delicious choice for summer pants, obviously. You might face problems while trying to get matching top for these pants, and we’re here to help! A perfect way to set your internal supermodel free, is to slip into a fitting top and tuck it to avoid messy appearance, and does that do wonders! Feel free to improvise and pair the pants with your favorite heels. If you want to add some length to legs, go for stacked or wedged heels.

Summer Pant

Pants with Wide Legs

Escape the ordinary tights and throw on a wide-legged pair of pants! Also known as Katherine Hepburn’s signature wear, wide leg pants provide you with undeniable comfort and a chic look if chosen with proper top. However, wide legs too long they touch the ground are a major no-no! Choose the length according to your own height with dull or vibrant patterns (up to you) and pair it with block heels or mini boots. For an elegant finish, you can choose a blouse in matching or harmonizing hues and eye-catching accessories. If you’re feeling adventurous, nothing stops you from cropped style with sneakers! Oversized sunglasses and mini purses can take your whole looks to another level.

Summer Pant

Let There be Gauchos

Cowboy vibes here! South American gauchos made this style trendy back in their time, but you can still enjoy it with a few fine touches here and there. Gauchos can be somewhat a feminine version of shorts. With their high waists and widening at thighs, these pants go well with tuck-in tops. Add a fancy belt of your choice with block heels and boom! You’ve earned the classic look.

Work-and-Exercise Friendly Pants

These pants are not as flappy as wide-legged pairs, but they’re definitely comfy and match with almost every situation and garment. You can move freely without pants looking baggy, thus your work environment most likely accepts wearing them. Keep in mind that legs standing above ankles will enhance the appearance of shoes, so you have to make sure your footwear is appropriately chosen. Kitten heels or finely polished shoes are perfect choices for work. If you’re just going out casually with friends, don’t hesitate to go for strapped sandals! They not only look Gucci but also make you visually taller.

Easygoing Summer Pants

If you’re feeling free-willed enough not to stick to fancy and stylish pants, there’s no reason to avoid a nice pair of sporty joggers. Fine and breathable linen fabric is perfect for summer, and it fits almost every style. All you need to do is to decide on footwear. Sneakers and converse are awesome to go for a run, and you can just throw on a pair of heels to alter the look in blink of an eye. Typical sport pants include elastic waistband and tapered legs. Details look more than fantastic on joggers; from zipper pockets and leather patches to side designs.

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