Guide to Denim Inseams

Learn to Find The Perfect Denim

Finding the perfect, fitting clothing item is kind of challenging, and it’s particularly true when it comes to denim and jeans. If you’re one of those people having trouble choosing the right jeans, this article is for you. Style and looks are obviously essential, but they’re not everything. You must choose something to provide you comfort and killer looks while functioning just as supposed to.

Here are basics about inseam:

Basically, inseam refers to the distance between zipper base to bottom of leg opening. To choose well-fitting jeans and avoid probable fuss, make sure you know your inseams before purchasing! We have covered almost every type of jeans in here, from skinny styles ending just above ankles to straight cuts and long flares, so read through!

Here’s a summary of jeans length based on style and size!

SkinnyStraightCapriBoyfriendBootcut & Flare
Petite 5’3″ or less25″ – 27″27″21″ – 23″23″ – 26″28″ – 30″
Average  5’4″ to 5’7″28″ – 30″28″ – 32″23″ – 25″26″ – 28″32″ – 34″
Tall  5’8″ and above31″ – 34″32″ – 34″26″ – 28″29″ – 31″34″ – 36″
Guide to Denim Inseams

1. Skinny Jeans

There are two popular ways of wearing skinny’s; you can go for above-ankle style or choose long cuts that bunch at the bottom. Always choose regarding your height. Almost anyone loves pairing boots with skinny jeans, the look is easy to maintain and never goes out of season!

2. Straight Leg Jeans

Another loved-by-many option on this list, are straight jeans. They’re suitable through the whole year and will NEVER get outta fashion. If skinny doesn’t appeal to you or frowned upon by people around, straight jeans will work just fine. However, be careful what heel height you go with. Long legs touching the floor should definitely be worn with high heels; having said that, you can pair ankle-length straight jeans with sneakers.

3. Capri Jeans

Capri is best stylish garment to go with if you’re willing to bare some skin. Typically skinny, capri jeans hug your legs nice and classy and the ends stand 3-4 inches above ankles. A memorable ladylike image consists of capri jeans paired with heels or sandals.

4. Ankle Jeans

Ankle jeans show a little less skin than capri, perfect around the year. Biggest advantage of these jeans is them being versatile, which means it suits both work and a weekend party. Legs will stand 1-3 inches above your ankle, thus they’ll look perfect with mini boots or kitten heels if you’re feeling casual.

5. Boyfriend Jeans

No, you’re not supposed to steal your boyfriend’s jeans! We’re telling you because people have done that. This style is slightly wider and provides more room, however the inseam suggests kinda shorter sides. Ankle-showing boyfriend jeans go perfect with a nice pair of converse, sneakers or block heels.

Guide to Denim Inseams

6. Bootcut & Flare Jeans

Best thing about bootcut jeans is the leg gradually widening down the knees. There’s some extra length to it to avoid the end coming in contact with your ankle repeatedly. You’ll have to pair bootcuts with heels all the time, for the long ends might get stuck under your feet and falling over is last thing you’d want! Bootcuts and flares make you look slimmer and fitter than you are, which makes them a lovely choice.

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