Make Your Neck Look Younger

Get A Younger-Looking Neck With Anti-Aging Hacks

Most people assume that taking care of their faces is enough. But we’re here to remind you to pay attention to one of your most visible body parts: The Neck!

There’s a list of ‘Golden rules’ for anti-aging you might be already following. These include daily application of SPF protection (all the year), hydrating the skin to preserve the elasticity, and changing the foundation and makeup material according to number of new year’s you have seen. Speaking of which, there are some less-known essential rules to keep your neck area young as well. The skin on the neck is almost always visible, thus it needs as much attention as the face does. Now that you’re aware of the importance, follow the simple expert recommendations to tighten your neck skin and make it look happier.

Apply Sunscreen

The neck area is exposed to same stressors as the face; such as UV rays, gravity, pollution, etc. Hence, the skin needs same level of care. Mona Gohara, a dermatologist based in Hamden, Connecticut, recommends you to take care of the skin around neck and chest area just as you do for the face. “Anything you use for your face, from anti-aging serums to regular sunscreen, must also be spread all the way down to your bra line,” she says. “Pay extra attention to SPF number. Whenever you re-apply sunscreen on your face, make sure it goes on your neck as well. Professionals might recommend powder sunscreens as it’s easier to apply over makeup.”

Moisturize Effectively

It’s quite surprising to find out about the neck-specific moisturizers. Jeanine Downie, dermatologist in Montclair, New Jersey, has an answer for us. “There are fewer sebaceous glands on the neck, therefore this area is usually drier. A regular face moisturizer shall not suffice the hydration requirements of your neck area.”

Blend Your Makeup

Next time you wear makeup, keep in mind that your neck and chest area need special attention; Particularly if you’re applying foundation or tinted moisturizer. If you leave the visible areas behind, there’s a risk of creating an unpleasant contrast between your face and your neck where their tones won’t match. Los Angeles makeup artist Jillian Dempsey recommends you to do the so-called ‘Brush-Down’. “Grab your makeup sponge, take half of what you’ve put on your face and gently spread it on your neck. This will blend in any unwanted lines.”

You could also use a matte, non-shimmery tan powder on your neck to make it look warmer. “Use a fluffy, loose-hair brush,” she says. “It does a perfect job and won’t leave the streak traces like regular stiff-bristle brushes do sometimes.”

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