Salt Foot Scrub

Make Salt Foot Scrub at Home

Can’t go to spa during times of lockdown? No worries! We present to you the DIY salt scrub to treat your feet with. Get ready to have soft, summer feet!

Salt Foot Scrub

For this recipe, you can use a preferred salt such as Epsom salt, Dead sea salt, Himalayan or plain sea salt. Put one cup of salt in a non-plastic bowl. Glass, ceramic and metal are ideal. Whisk in ½ teaspoon of your favorite essential oil with salt until it’s completely blended. If you’re unsure what essential oil to use, we recommend relaxing choices; these include lavender, orange, clary sage, bergamot and cedar wood.

Hope Gillerman, author or Essential Oils Everyday, is the founder of H. Gillerman Organic luxuary essential oil remedies. “Salt scrubs remove dead skin cells, extending the pores so the essential oil is deeply absorbed into your skin,” she says. “Salt makes impurities vanish out, replenishes nutrients and relaxes your muscles. But sugar scrubs are just sugar, they don’t really have therapeutic impacts.” To Hope, using salt scrubs before bedtime is somewhat of a ritual. Just add ½ cup of salt scrub to bath water and run your hands through the water until salt is dissolved. If you struggle with sleeping troubles or just need to unwind after a hard day, don’t hesitate to get a salt bath!

Essential oils are not only used for aromatherapy, but they play a key role in home-made beauty remedies. There are products such as peppermint-infused energy boosters, lavender foot soaks and many more for you to try.

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