Best Colors to Pair With Blue

It’s very unlikely for someone to dislike shades of blue; this beautiful and earthy color goes perfectly on anything- from clothing and accessories to household items. Nature-derived colors are basically soothing and remind us of tranquility, and it’s particularly true about blue hues. It never fails to remind viewers of sea waves and the clear sky. This beautiful color is a popular and all-time trend for interior design, from stark minimalist environments to warm and vibrant backdrops, with the advantage of welcoming warm and flamboyant colors to be paired with perfectly. If you’re not sure what colors to pair up with your blue design, read through the list below and check out all of these color preferences we’ve brought to you.

1. Hot Pink

That Go With Blue

Kate Ridder is the master designer behind this lovely piece. Watch how sweet hot pink and sky blue go together! Being a feminine and eye-catching color, pink enhances the brighter colors and puts them in the center of attention.

2. Off-White and Cream

This is as old school as you can get. Classic blue paired with bright white is a gentle and lovable reminder of grandma’s tea set. You can substitute white with some light hues of cream for some alternation. Wooden furniture are to be considered as well; blond colors work the best with your blue palette. This design is performed by Heather Hilliard, resulting in a fascinating bedroom.

3. Rainbow

Yes, rainbow is a color- in fact, a color series that includes most lively colors you can think of! According to Kingston Lafferty, rainbow colors pair just perfect with blue. Incorporate some warm colors including red, yellow and green plus some sweet shades of purple and pink in your design. Get the colors anywhere you can think of- walls, artworks, furniture and even the ceiling! Let the colors devour your house theme and light up the flame of life.

4. Marigold

Just as the name suggests, this combination will create a royal and unique sense of style in your house. Check out Mathew Bees’ scheme on this bedroom; the lightest touches of marigold on fabric strips and lamp shade are difficult not to adore.

5. Purple

That Go With Blue

Being from the same side of color scheme, blue and purple go together deliciously. The key to create a flawless image is pairing up right hues- Heather Hilliard has nailed this room. The soft velvet blue upholstery on the chair brings in a cooler touch without clashing.

6. Forest Green

Some people do not want their design to be flooded with blue, yet prefer to incorporate a few hints of bluish hues here and there. The main design can include colors of your choice; nature-derived shades such as green, olive and light brown and some vibrant colors are ideal for your living room. Keep the blue to a minimum and limit it to small accessories and/or artwork if you want any in your space.

7. Sage Green

Soft shades work magic alongside blue. Sage is a fabulous choice to be paired with blue. This living room is favored by a soft sage and bright orange designs, warmed up with a classic rug and wooden dining table. Don’t get intimidated by color combination. Experiment with various shades and see which colors sit together best.

8. Brown and Yellow

That Go With Blue

That blue background has indeed done a sincere job an enhancing the cushion prints and making the bright colors pop at their fullest. Thank Anna Spiro for this idea!

9. Turquoise and Red

Opposite colors again. Although not frequently seen, turquoise never fails to create an exclusive theme that suits both formal and informal spaces perfectly. Heather Hilliard has taken a step further by adding some bright red to the party- drapes are decorated by a sweet combination of blue and red while the bed with turquoise fabrics and pure white sheets holds the space together.

10. Mint Green

Thomas Jayne and William Cullum have created a masterpiece together. Earthy mint-green does magic when incorporated as main color. All the vibrant colors added to the space are also sweet touches to enhance texture and depth.

11. Pale Peach

Heidi Caillier has nailed a classic design in this bedroom. All the yellow, green and deep blue paired with peach come together in a sweet palette impossible to resist. Whatever design and scheme you’re planning, pinkish shades (from soft to bold) will never fail to light up the space mood and make it adorable.

12. Red and Gray-Brown

That Go With Blue

Kim Alexandruik has an undeniable talent for interior design. If you want to follow the style, go for impact. If your favorite artworks and accessories are way too bold or irregular for living room or bedroom, make some space for them in the hallway. Here you can watch how gray, pink and lavender dance together exotically beautiful. Or you can try Mally Skok’s design methods and bring together some red, brown and white with your blue items.

13. Orange

Classic teapot designs are welcome on any surface, including your bedsheets and duvet. The limelight of this design has the orange cushion catching sight in the middle of a mainly sofr-colored theme, creating one of the most mature yet adorable images ever.

14. Tangerine

Blue isn’t popular for kitchen design for nothing. You definitely want the space you spend most time at to look as calming and stylish as possible without getting it too sloppy. Dries Otten has done a neat job in this kitchen setting- brownish hexagonal floor tiles, baby blue cabinets and white background are favored beautifully by the tangerine mantel.

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