Colour trends 2020

Color Trends of 2020

That color palette is rich this year! Such chic colors, from pitch black to classic blue are welcome to be added to your list of color options. Experts will always be glad to guide you through this colorful world of trends.

1. Powder Blue

This shade of blue will never get old or out of style. Being as chic as it can get, powder blue will give your interiors a beautiful sheen of bright blue with calming effects and eye-catching elegance. Best thing about slow shades of blue is them being so versatile and flexible you can pair them with a wide range of completing or contrasting colors. A perfect example is blue paired up with white. This combination creates a sense of serenity and pureness which reminds you of oceanic vibes. Other pastel colors including light pink, lemon yellow and lilac will also do magic together with powder blue.

2. Cardamon

Colour trends 2020

Brought to you by Benjamin Moore’s collection, Cardamom is an Indian spice and just as the name suggests, it’s the warm and tropical hue you’re probably going to love. It’s way brighter than rust and less shiny than gold thus creating a smooth and fine shade perfect for interior decoration. This color is one of the most favored shades of brown, and pairs up wonderful with other earthly colors such as forest green, brown and pure white. However, a touch of a bright color will alter the sight surprisingly.

3. Architects White

White might be considered somewhat boring, but you probably won’t regret incorporating this shade in your furniture or setups. To get the Architects White right, you’ll need to follow a straightforward and accurate paint guide. This hue is warmer than most whites, bringing a sense of delight and liveliness to your rooms. Paint the rooms with windows facing south in this color and watch them glow in a tranquil sheen when the sun is setting.

4. Brown Betty

Nature-derived colors seem to never run out of season. There are plenty of earthy colors you can invest in, thus here we present to you the wonderful Brown Betty. This color was introduced by Atelier Ellis, referred to as the color of ‘grandmama’s coffee table’. What’s so majestic about this color is all senses of tranquility, warmth and elegance incorporated in one shade all together. For pairing-up with other shades, we recommend going for softer colors such as teal, ochre yellow, moss green and blush pink.

5. Beyond Blue

Colour trends 2020

This color might seem like dark gray at first glance but get precise and notice the shade of blue in it. If you’re looking for some darker shades other than plain black, beyond blue is for you. It’s not as dull, but also adding spirit and depth to the place. Use some white items here and there and watch the contrast sophisticate viewers. Striking enough to take centre stage yet subtle and confident enough to allow other hues to shine, it’s a dream to work with.

6. Bandstand

Colour trends 2020

Another delicious combination of white and soft colors. This shade was incorporated in Crown’s Period Collection, attracting the attention more than traditional colors would. It’s more soothing than you can imagine, and grants you with a sense of life while making the space look larger than it already is.

7. Masilla

This is as soft as pink can get! Masilla is the Spanish term for ‘putty’, referring to a sweet pastel shade of pink with stronger red undertones so basically it’s warmer than plain pink yet softer than regular tones. Generally, Masilla can be used in every space you’d prefer since it’s such a popular and feminine hue, but if you’d want to see some magic happening, use it in your bedroom or bathroom.

8. Metropolitan

Colour trends 2020

If you’ve been keeping up with Benjamin Moore’s Collection you probably know Metropolitan was included in 2019 color trends. This shade is another cool, soothing and sophisticating shade with unique undertones and earthly vibes, perfect for a living room or kitchen where you’d want natural energy to wash over the place.

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