paint a front door

Tips on Painting a Front Door

Here’s the thing about front doors: they represent the spirit of your house and have the potential to be highly welcoming, meanwhile showing a glimpse of your personality and sense of style. You can see why the front door is more important than it appears.

1. Opt for One Color

Monochrome is the key to create an impressive and formal front door image. You’re already at win if you have a porch! Paint the ceiling and deck walls in a color matching front door’s and they will be a masterpiece to look at. Such option creates the illusion of a larger space. If you’d want to go further and add depth along brightness to your interiors, choose a dark shade. To add some charm and liveliness, place a couple of potted plants or plant stands around the place and they will welcome you even more!

2. Finish In Style

paint a front door

Even most perfect color out there will look sloppy If the finish isn’t paid the attention it deserves. A popular and wise choice for exteriors is glossy finish which not only will make your front door appear classy and formal, but will preserve the material to some point. Full gloss comes in super stylish for deeper colors, creating a fierce and impressive image. Consider other hues in exteriors, for the front door may seem brighter than the rest. However, glossy finish reflexes the light to some degree so if your door is painted in a dark shade, you might want to go for a matte finish instead.

3. Have Courage

While everyone’s looking for popular and classic samples, think out of the box and choose a flamboyant color of your desire! Remember to unify external and internal surfaces in colors so there won’t be an unpleasant surprise to find a different face of the door while looking at the interior. For more spirit and unique style, we recommend you to paint window frames in the same color as well to blend in with the chosen touch. You probably never thought of it, but painting your interior walls and doorframes in the matching color will build such a strong connection between interior and exterior vibes.

4. Use Your Favorite Color

As we mentioned before, front door appearances are somewhat representing your character. If you have a color preference that might look just fine and delicate on your exteriors, what keeps you from painting the front door? Front door is not exactly the one surface to always be staring at, hence you can think freely and decide whatever favored shade of yours to decorate the door with. A perfect example of colors for your door, are nature-derived shades for they never run out of season and are rich enough to keep you impressed all year round!

5. Show The History of Your Home

paint a front door

Some houses are like items of history books come to life- if your property carries characteristics of the period it was built at, there’s an opportunity for you to create a unique appearance by choosing right colors and suitable style. There’s nothing wrong with standing out among all the look-alike neighbor buildings! Wooden surfaces are another chance for you to pick and win. Make them match in color with the main shade of your house exterior. Check out how a clean hue of dirty white has made this house look like it time-travelled right here from 70’s.

6. Get Creative

Here’s all you need: A front door to begin with, and your sense of creativity! Sky is the limit when you’re deciding on exterior decorations. Consider the style, see how you prefer the visuals: classy, traditional or formal? If you want a funky, eyesight-catching look feel free to go for it. Use bright colors and make the piece perfect by matching frames and stairs. Or if you’re the traditional kind of person, consider using dark shades and fierce appearances which will never be out of trend. Another recommendation is opting for earthy shades- some soft blue, green and teal paired with darker shades of brown and/or charcoal never cease to amaze. And if you’re overwhelmed easily by colors, white is here to help. This is as classy and old school as you can get, definitely reminding you of some childhood vibes to some degree.Colours and finishes can have a truly transformative effect on the exterior of your property.

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