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Make Small Rooms Look Bigger With Color Choices

Most people these days are tight on space, but there are a bunch of affordable tricks to make your room look bigger than it is. Probably the very first tip to come up with, is painting walls. White hues might be the first choice popping into your mind but much to your surprise, other colors can do the trick as well! Read through the guide below to find out which color suits your room the best.

1. Purple

Yes, we’re serious. Purple is indeed a loud color but it does wonders at giving your room a decent and unique theme while creating the illusion of larger space. However, you can paint a single area in purple to be greeted by the hues every time you pass it.

2. Metallic Gray

Paint Colors

Dark colors look amazing in small spaces. Of all shades, dark and semi-dark grays look Gucci on walls and furniture.

3. Teal

Paint Colors

Deep colors can actually take advantage of shades and result in creating the illusion of a larger room. Go for dark shades of blue, teal and green.

4. Beige

If you’re the basic but not too classic type, white probably sounds boring. Beige is a fantastic neutral color to paint your walls in. Obviously, light colors create large-room images.

5. Blue-Green

Also known as color of nature to some, blue-green shades create a soothing theme meanwhile adding visual space. It especially looks terrific with creamy furniture and popping hints of vibrant colors.

6. Coffee

Paint Colors

Pair up a deep brown hue with light shades of gray and cream for best effects. Perfect idea if you have an old-school spirit!

7. Pearl Gray

Gray is known for being rather dull, but this shade is super chic and unique it’ll excite the vision. Add a few hints of darker items to watch the color perform its charm.

8. Plain White

You were probably expecting this! Pure white setting with no additional hints of yellow, cream, gray or blue is another popular option that creates larger space and lights up the place at the same time. White walls welcome any furniture color settings and you’ll have no limits choosing the rest of room items.

9. Soft Yellow

Paint Colors

Perfect for children and teenagers for the soft nature and inviting sheen. However you won’t need to limit the space of your young ones.

10. Peacock

Choosing the color wisely will solve the problem of being short on space. A flamboyant shade such as this delicious peacock blue will please your soul and pair beautifully with furniture.

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