Selecting Floor Colors

Guide to Choose a Floor Color

Choosing a color for your floor might not be as easy peasy as it seems. You must consider what type of stains and colors are best for various materials and choose one accordingly.

Selecting Floor Colors

Located opposite of ceiling and attracting equal attention, floors deserve twice the attention since they represent part of your personality and discipline. Make sure you decide wisely to end up with a nice, neat floor so clean you could lick oil off it!

Carpets are a popular and common household item manufactured in portable and fixable types. If you can afford it, a decent carpet with your favorite patterns and color scheme will go a long way at creating an adorable atmosphere in your house. Some people prefer the fixed one which is installed onto the floor, the main con is that fixated carpets are not as easily replaceable as common rugs and portable carpets. This is where you’ll need help at covering up the unpleasant surface without anyone noticing what’s going on underneath! There are zillions of patterns and colors for you to choose- from geometrical to floral and fantasy printed carpets you can choose from.

Wooden floors are a huge charm most of times, but if they’re old and worn out over the course of long, long years of service and one cannot afford to replace or re-polish and treat the woods they might become a pain to look at. Throwing a rug on the floor is the simplest solution but if you’re considering staining or polishing, take some time and decide what finish you want to apply. See if dark floor sits with you better or the bright one does.

Cover Up

Selecting Floor Colors

Deciding on initial floor color is easy, but it might be difficult to choose a matching palette for an already stained floor. The best (and probably only!) way to get rid of the unpleasant floor cover without replacing it, is covering the whole thing up. Get a carpet that covers your floor entirely or the majority of it. If there are any gaps left around corners, place your furniture to hide them. Also, there are mini carpets and rugs sold at house supply stores that will do a sincere job at keeping your floor’s aesthetics decent. However, some floor peeking from margins will not hurt. It’ll potentially appear as a border like it was meant to be there in the first place.

Rug placement somewhat differs from room to room. It’s easiest when decorating bedrooms since the bed usually plays its significant part at covering up floor. The rest can be covered with rugs. For living room, choose a carpet with not-so-flashy patterns and colors and make sure it’s placed in the center so it draws attention but doesn’t interrupt.

Shifting Tones

Selecting Floor Colors

You don’t have to cover up your floor if has your favorite texture and color! In fact, well-polished and elegant floors have their own charm and sense of style. Take advantage of the floor color and try to get your furniture and fabrics including bed sheets, drapes and tablecloth harmonize with your floor to create the beautiful ultimate image. Also, do NOT forget about those walls! Wall paint and wallpapers play a big part at finishing the overall look.

Speaking of fabrics, it might seem like a good idea to choose matching colors and patterns, if possible but trust us, it’s not. Not always. Experts recommend avoid getting everything way too matchy-matchy because it will appear boring at some point. Harmonizing, opposite, tonality and contrasting colors are wise choices to add variety to your rooms without dwelling too much on the main hue.

A Necessary Task

Worn out, yellowed, ragged edges- nobody likes these, neither shall you. Consider replacement and repairmen if the floor is demanding your attention for more than just a polish.

For best expression and impact, make sure you incorporate diverse choices on color, structure and shapes. Before purchasing, take some time and get certain on whatever you’re planning to decorate or cover your floors with- be it carpets, rugs, parquets, wooden installments etc. Limit your color choices to a rational range and make sure it won’t get boring and irritating in the long run. If you want the space to appear comfy, opt for dark and deeper shades; and if you prefer larger appearance and open-ness, choose brighter colors and add sweet touches of color by choosing right colors and structures on furniture and curtains. Last but not least, consider how warm you want your room to be. This is a great place to begin with color options.

Some people might find color themes way too boring overtime, and if you’re unsure whether chosen colors will someday not attract you as much as they did before, go for neutral colors. Mute and dull shades are a safe bet for they are subtle and elegant while drawing less attention than most colors. For wooden floors, hardwood in particular, opt for dark browns and some mute stains so they will blend in nice and delicious with your possessions. Needless to say, make sure the floor is durable so you won’t have to replace or re-varnish them every other year.

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