Fireplace Right for Your Home

Things to Know before Installing a Fireplace

So you’ve decided to get a fireplace- before making a purchase, take some time and see what we have to advise.

1. Consider financial value. A good fireplace is not all about the sweet and dramatic vibe- it can rise your property’s financial value. A review performed by National Association of Realtors indicates that fireplaces can increase house value by 12% at least. Architectures have taken good advantage of this fact, for most houses these days are incorporated with fireplaces these days.

2. Planning, planning and planning. Before making any type of decision on your property, take as much time as required and consider every aspect of what you’re meant to set up. See what your budget and situation allows, decide precisely on fireplace style and material plus where you’re going to build it, and take into account how functional it will be. Environmental, financial and local factors are most important inhibitors and issues to come up with solutions for. Before making any purchase or having a contract with an architect, make sure your own property isn’t limiting your options in the first place.

3. Snap, crackle, pop. Romantic and classic aura of burning wood chips and planks isn’t everything you’ll get from the fireplace. Technically speaking, you’ll need a seriously functional chimney to lead all the smoke and gases outside before they accumulate inside your room and have unpleasant consequences. For indoor purposes, you can find manufactured fireplaces with built-in circulators which gather the smoke and lead them outside efficiently.

4. Twice as nice. Double sided fireplaces are a thing. They bring a modern sense of style with them, their undeniable charm way too hard to resist. That’s not all- installing double fireplaces will potentially cost less than two fireplaces would, both in terms of building materials and required fuel be it gas or coal. Some doubles come with a separation wall which creates two chambers, probably interconnected, for two different purposes.

Fireplace Right for Your Home

5. Flexible and easy. Gas fireplaces are recommendable regarding their clean nature, they won’t get clogged or smoke-stained, will light up needless of manual ignition and you can turn them off instantly. These fireplaces are easier to manage and regulate considering the gas switches and adjustable flame settings. Bonus point for they’ll reduce energy waste compared to regular fireplaces. However, if you’re fascinated by the idea of crackling woodchips burning in the middle of a room while spending a family gathering, it’s okay to incorporate a small wood-fueled fireplace and another with gas vents for main purposes.

6. Everywhere to be installed. Another gas-vented fireplace advantage: you can install them anywhere with access to local gas, as long as the outlet is placed securely reaching outdoors to circulate and let out smoke and gases. This is a relief when you’re concerned about possible gas hazards. Fireplaces that require wood to burn are a bit of insecure in this matter for the produced CO2 cannot be released safely just anywhere inside the house.

7. Invest in a mantel. Fireplaces with direct vents better be lidded with a secure metal. This will not only help you ensure safety, but can create middle age aesthetics.

8. Safe retrofitting. We recommend you not to try retrofitting a fireplace on your own. Ask an expert to check out your fireplace setting and chimney before altering anything. Good fireplace drawing means a regulated and constant circulation of warm and cold air inside the chimney. If such drawing isn’t present for some reason, performing a retrofitting will be necessary. Experts happen to know how to adjust a precise gap among firebox and floor joists to provide adequate circulation and safety.

9. Check codes. Different places might have set diverse regulations in terms of fireplace establishment. For some regions you even need permission to manipulate and alternate your already existent fireplace. This is all for your own safety in the first place, so before doing anything (be it task as simple as changing the lid) make sure you have permission and follow relating codes beforehand.

10.Pay attention to moisture. Despite what it might seem, moisture does indeed impact fireplace efficiency and functionality. This is of great concern if you’re planning to install the fireplace in your basement. Excessive moisture in a surrounded space with inadequate ventilation may lead to serious issues and troubles. Having said that, if you ask for an expert’s help for installing a gas-vent fireplace and make sure everything’s incorporated safely, chances are you’ll gonna enjoy a nice, warm basement.

11. Go outdoors. Outdoor spaces are indeed the perfect place to set up a fire at! This is as classic as you can get. The chimney to an indoors fireplace can be shared with the outdoor’s. Just make sure you protect the fireplace against harsh climate conditions, the rain can reduce functionality for instance.

12. Sight lines. Bigger establishment will not necessary mean elegance. Choose a stylish and beautiful design for aesthetic purposes and to draw the attention of art-seekers. Fireplace built among windows creates such an unforgettable and breathtaking trio.

13. Sweep it clean. Retrofitting a fireplace left neglected for a long time must include a thorough sweep. Check if there’s any bird nest or insects colonized in the chimney, and clean everything out. If the fireplace hasn’t been plugged before, consult an expert before making any further decision.

14. Beat the rush. Best time for fireplace installing are late-spring or summer long. Installing fireplaces during chilly seasons will most likely cost more due to high demand, so we recommend you to consider timing and make your contract early before others do.

15. Kitchen catchall. When renovating the kitchen or building a new one, make some room for a fireplace and a grill set, maybe. You’ll thank yourself later!

16. Safe and instant romance. Regarding the romantic concept of fireplaces, most people enjoy having them in bedrooms. For more safety and manageable settings, get a gas-vented fireplace with a remote control to turn the flames on and off whenever you want.

17. Extend the party to bathroom. There’s no reason not to invite a fireplace in your bathroom! It will create that exotic appearance probably nobody expects to see. However, before installing a fireplace in there make sure everything’s safe enough for you and the property.

19. Keep it clean. Wood-burning fireplaces are an adventure to clean up, while gas-vented products are easier to maintain and clean up. Just keep in mind to avoid scrubbing and using harsh solutions! A plain spray and soft cloth will make your fireplace shine like new.

20. Both sides now.This is for peeps who love a fireplace but can’t stand the sight of mess. Here’s a tip for you: arrange cabinets and furniture beside your fireplace to hide unwanted sights and make the image stand out beautifully.

21. Take it easy. If you’re just about the appearance and traditional beauty of a fireplace and can’t or don’t want to have flames burn there, invest in an electric fireplace. There are tons of products with or without heating elements; easy to turn on any time anywhere and enjoy.

22. Let it shine. Fireplace is inherently an item of interest, so make sure it’s placed somewhere easy to catch the eye.

23. Show love to logs. You can go with a gas log set instead of retrofitting everytime, for it’s potentially simpler than wood to work with and leaves minimum mess. Vent-free logs are a great alternate for woods and do a neat job at enhancing fireplace efficiency.

24. The first burn. Despite seeming like there’s something wrong with the first burning time, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just the paint and dust burning up and releasing their chemical odors. Just leave the windows open and you’ll be fine.

Fireplace Right for Your Home

25.Steam will be trapped inside gas-vented fireplace and will definitely create a misty fog on the glass. However it will eventually go away so you’ll have nothing to get concerned about.

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