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Ideas For Backyard Fire Pit

One of the most popular and convenient lawn items, is the fire pit. This decorative outdoor element can serve many purposes. Fire pits are always the center of attention, whether you’re having a drink with friends or hosting an outdoors barbecue at a summer night.

Fire pits are beneficial in many ways other than decorating your backyard. For instance, they will make family times or friendly gatherings much more enjoyable. This will potentially increase your will to bond with people you care for.

However, there are several factors you need to keep in mind before establishing a fire pit. First thing to consider, is the available space in the lawn. Building a fire pit that is too large for your yard will take a considerable amount of space, while most likely causing danger. On the other hand, small fire pits in large areas won’t function properly.

We have listed a number of recommendations you can browse through and choose the best option for your own yard. Here are some of the most unique and novel fire pit ideas.

1. Square Fire Pit with Colored Glass

As fancy as the name suggests, square fire pits are a step further than standard circular design. This type of pit is constructed using a combination of concrete blocks and mortar mix. The colored glass gives the flames some unique and other-worldly image, enhancing the glow.

2. Stone Fire Pit Surrounded by a Circular Half-Wall

Traditional stone fire pits suit almost every type of backyard. If you’re planning to build a DIY pit, this easy option might be perfect for you. All you need to do is to outline the area where you want the pit to be, place stone bricks in proper order and adhere them together using some construction adhesive or cement.

3. Base-Level Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire Pit

Base level pits are basically built in-ground. If constructed properly, these pits will blend in perfectly with the surroundings without disturbing the scenery too much. This type of fire pit requires some deep digging, so before you decide on building an in-ground pit, evaluate the earth quality and make sure the soil below is able to tolerate some extreme heat.

4. Simple Bowl-Shaped Fire Pit on the Patio

One of the most popular fire pits with portability potentials, is the bowl type. This type is informal and charming pit which makes it perfect for small places. Pit bowls are usually made out of reinforced concrete. The plain cement finish is the key to give the typical look to this pit.

5. Custom Fire Pit with a Rock Circle

This traditional themed pit recreates a hot spring vibe perfectly. Stone-circled pits are piece of cake to build, but have considerable effects to improve the romantic theme on an evening date. If you don’t want to use heavy usual stones, there are artificial landscape rocks available at a reasonable price.

6. Minimalistic Concrete Fire Pit

A fire pit can’t get any simpler than a minimalistic concrete one. All you need to do is to trace the preferable shape and stack up concrete blocks on top of each other. This plain design is perfect for people who can’t afford fancy pits.

7. Decorative Iron Fire Pit

If aesthetics come before functionality for you, try the decorative fire pits. These choices will look perfect at the backyard, creating a camping theme for your garden. You just need to set the decorative pits on the gravel-covered area or on a stone, then place some chairs and benches around it.

8. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

As simple as it can get, a washing machine drum pit is perfect for individuals with extremely tight budgets. It’s kind of fun to sit around this fire pit and enjoy a nice evening with friends and family.

9. Circular Fire Pit with a Wood Bench

This design is one of the most popular fire pits. Choose a wide wooden bench to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere where everyone can sit beside each other. Bonus point is that everything for this setup is pre-made and available at supply stores.

10. Stone-Trimmed Fire Pit on a Tile Floor

Probably the most chic-looking option on this list. It might cost you more to get this setup together, but the harmony of a carved stone fire pit and matching floor tiles will excite the sense of aesthetics in everyone. Feel free to add a seating area with some chairs or benches, up to your own preference. Make sure the color of the furniture complements the tile patterns.

11. Porcelain Fire Pit

The intimate atmosphere that porcelain fire pits create, makes it the best place to sit down with a loved one for a one-on-one conversation. The gorgeous and unique tiles are irresistibly attractive, representing luxurious furniture.

12. Backyard Stone Fire Pit with Rustic Chairs

This set up will probably remind you of ancient rural gatherings. The in-ground fire pit blends in well with the brick floor, creating an outstanding display. Classic rustic chairs are light and comfortable, matching perfectly with the pit in center.

13. Black Fire Pit with a Circle of White Chairs

The secret to the elegance of this design lies in the color contrast between black fire pit, bright chairs and the floor. Imagine how blissful would a friendly gathering be when you have such setup in your backyard!

14. Old-School Fire Pit

If you’re the classic type of person who doesn’t find complex and luxurious designs much appealing, go for the old school option. All you need for your backyard pyro supply, is a small cast iron fire pit with few wood logs.

15. Fire Pit with a Large Iron Hood

Fire pits with iron hoods are not only elegant, but they can prevent smoke from polluting the air in your backyard. Iron hoods are particularly helpful if your outdoor space is limited and you don’t want the smoke to enter the house.

16. Campfire Fire Pit

Being the casual and simple design for an intimate themed backyard, campfire style pits are super easy to build. It’s a perfect option to bring the joy of camping to your house. Just put together some rocks and a bundle of wood logs together and voilà! You have a campfire pit.

17. Large Fire Pit Surrounded by Colorful Chairs

You can still hold barbecues and friendly gatherings around a fire pit if your area has cold climate through the year. Make sure your fire pit produces enough warmth to beat the chill.

18 . Fire Pit Made of Yellow, Aluminous Bricks

Fire Pit

One of the simplest fire pit ideas you can find out there. The yellow aluminous bricks create a perfect view along with the natural gravel floor, giving an autumn-themed overall image to yout backyard.

19 . Brick Fire Pit with Rustic Chairs and Log Stools

A perfect mixture of natural and artificial components. Place some rustic chairs and a couple of logs for stools around the fire pit and have a camp themed event.

20. Gas-Powered Fire Pit with Glass Pebble Linings

Another unique design that satisfies both convenience lovers and adventure seekers. This fire pit is easy to use and energy efficient, occupying such a small space in your backyard.

21. Fire Pit With Grills

The very idea of fire pit comes together with grilling. If you prefer to hold grilling events every now and then, this design is for you. It’s also a perfect option for amateurs who are dealing with fire pits for the first time.

Don’t solely rely on this list to decide which type of fire pit to install. Think outside the box and see where your own preferences take you. Feel free to add or omit elements until you get the perfect idea for your backyard fire pit.

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