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Ideas for Rustic Fireplace Mantels

Rustic ideas never get out of season for urban settings; be it porch decorations or fireplace ideas. Here are a number of beautiful touches you can add to your home.


Principle of creating rustic looks on fireplaces, is giving them character and attention they deserve. An old-school and popular decoration idea is forming the mantel with fieldstones and wood planks. This setting will look amazing at evenings and give you the vibes of chilling in a cottage in the middle of woods.

Faded Glory


Antique finishes are always ascribed to royalty and glory of ancestors. Fortunately, rustic designs are full of such external appearances. Those white panels with chipped and worn edges display years of service they’ve been doing. You don’t have to purchase old and rotten wood to decorate your house with; just grab a number of planks and pieces you have at home, wear them out using some tools and paint them in desired color. They’ll definitely look rustic and old after drying completely.

Beauty of Nature

Decor Fireplace

Mother Earth has already granted us with numerous decorative resources to cherish. The setting image above is a perfect example of how you can use carved panels to create a nice mantel. Natural hues and palettes have undeniable impacts to create an architectural setting displaying elegance and primitive looks at the same time.

Chiseled Profile

Decor Fireplace

You don’t have to spend much time and expense to enhance the mantel. A simple and plain touch is enough. The example above is a perfect rustic design to incorporate at home; it consists of fieldstones which already have elegant texture for your house. A couple of hand carved bluestones are a must when preparing such mantel, since fieldstones tend to enhance high ceilings.

Lasting Impression

Decor Fireplace

There’s no reason to stick to dark themed and jagged exterior for rustic display! Limestone bricks look pretty stylish around the fireplace mantel in this French living room. The key to making the looks spectacular, is using unpolished limestone. That setting pairs very well with cypress walls and ceiling timbers, creating a night-out kind of vibe in your living room.

Repurposed Design

Decor Fireplace

Browsing through local markets and yard sales is most likely ending with a neat reward. You could always find some decent item to decorate your room with. Check out how beautifully that plaster fireplace facade looks beside the salvaged wood beam reassigned as a rustic fireplace mantel. This look is so simple and probably inexpensive to approach, yet will create such a memorable vibe.

Balancing Act

Decor Fireplace

This is all about the contrast! Pair opposing colors when designing fireplace mantel and the surrounding space. Coupling dark and light hues together is a good step to begin.This cozy sitting area gains sunny demeanor with the addition of club chairs slip covered in refreshing Belgian linen. For more vibrant touches, you can hang a couple of pop-art or landscapes above fireplace mantel.

Golden Glow

Decor Fireplace

Yellow hues never fail to draw visual attention, so nothing can stop you from including the color in your mantel setting. This rustic surround and mantel instill natural beauty in the living room and showcase knotty imperfections and a natural golden glow. Beaded-board wainscoting and cozy layers of rugs are such a bliss to make your room look and feel comfortable.

Medieval Muse

Iron candelabra and fancy frame mirrors are iconic when it comes to rustic mantel designation. Limestone blocks installed in order can create an exceptional piece of art created by nature. What makes this setting so otherworldly and fascinating, is those unpolished stones keeping their natural ‘flaws’ still, bringing a sense of mundane world to the living room.

Display of Affection

Decor Fireplace

It’s totally fine if you don’t have a fireplace to begin with! If you got enough space for one, go ahead and browse through yard item shops, local markets and even online sales to look for the suitable rustic mantel setting. The image above displays the looks of a freestanding rustic fireplace in old Victorian style. Like most classic mantels, it’s painted white with signs of wearing out. Such mantels bring architectural charms and an amazing representation of salvaged sales.

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