Style Up Your Home With Cushions

Changing or remodeling furniture and seating is expensive and kind of difficult, but you can still alter the looks of you house with small accessories! Cushions are found on almost every couch and bed, so it’s a great idea to let your creation beautify those fluffies.

A regular touch is getting cushions in softer matching colors with your couch; some people are attracted to vibrant or iridescent colors while many peeps prefer neutral or soft colors. Choose whichever sits well with you.

1. Choose Colors Wisely

This one is all about the contrast. If your main room theme color is dull and neutral, throw around a couple cushions in thrilling colors to refresh the spirit! And vice versa, you can go for cushions in softer or complementary colors if the room already has vibrant hues incorporated. It’ll be superb if cushions you choose come in neutral patterns with hits of warm colors that catch the sight in a lovely manner. And if you prefer classic image, monochrome cushions are for you. They do sincere service for comfort and give a sense of serenity by just being there.

2. Add Pattern Variation

Style Your Cushions

Sky is the limit when you’re going for fabric patterns, and it also applies to cushions. Let your creative soul choose the patterns; go for floral, geometrical, abstract or even cartoon prints and patterns! If you’re feeling adventurous, get cushions in various patterns (harmonizing, of course) to create an inviting look which is pleasing to just roam the sight at. Keep in mind to avoid overdoing the pattern mix-up.

3. Use Different Textures

Adding some cushions with different textures among the regular ones will draw sensory and visual attention. Double bonus if differing textures come in vibrant colors! For material, most people prefer velvet but there’s no reason not to choose linen goods. Also, choose feather fillings over synthetic material for better vibes.

4. Mix Up Shapes

Four-pointed cushions such as rectangle or squares are iconic and typical. Throw a couple cushions in various sizes and matching (or opposite!) colors. This will create a not-so-informal and comfy image.

5. Take It Easy

Style Your Cushions

Don’t get the arrangement too seriously, it’s gonna look good if you just organize them in a neat manner! They should invite you for a sweet night’s sleep, afterall.

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