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Bedroom Design Tips For Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone gets trouble sleeping from time to time, and it’s nothing to worry about. Regarding the current lockdown, we’re spending more time indoors which basically means less activity and consequent boredom. On top of that, everyone’s worrying more about their job, safety of their children and vulnerable family members. Having said that, you need to pay attention to your sleep hygiene to stay healthy in the first place.

Make sure your sleep has good quality; This will have numerous benefits including reduced stress, uplifted mood, better concentration, less anxiety and better physical conditions.

Your bedroom is your temple of rest. This is where you go to sleep every night, and first place you open your eyes to. There are several design options to make your bedroom more inviting and calming, from soothing theme colors to Feng Shui and symmetry.

Bedroom Design Tricks to Help You Sleep Better

You won’t have to spend a lot of cash on design! It’s all about adding small touches here and there to improve overall image and adjust the space to bring more serenity to your resting space.

1. Color Scheme

Bedroom design sleep

Basically, colors are categorized into warm and cool colors. For best sleep quality, you obviously should use cool colors to calm your mind and unravel the thoughts. Perfect options include light blue, lemon yellow, dull gray and moss green. If you have a preference, apply it. For instance, if blue is your favorite, go ahead and give your bedroom a light blue theme.

Warm colors are proven to have the opposite effect on your sleep. They mainly cause heart rate and blood pressure to raise, nullifying your will to sleep and most likely making keeping you up. It’s okay to use some shades of red and purple in your kitchen to wake your brain up, but avoid bringing vibrant colors to your bedroom. Such bright hues prevent melatonin production, making it hard to fall asleep. However if you’re insisting on using some vibrant colors in your bedroom, limit them to small portions; for instance, add a few cushions or small pop art in your desired color so they won’t affect your sleep.

2. Feng Shui

Feng Shui is basically about balancing out a space to create a calm environment. When it comes to bedroom design, you can add symmetrical objects and pairing items. For instance, place two night stands on either side of bed or put two matching lamps on each side. You can also add matching potted plants around the room for more impact.

Another purpose of Feng Shui is to keep the place neat and away from disturbing elements. Get selective and precise with your decoration, put away unnecessary ornaments and keep minimum furniture in your bedroom. Keep the motto “less is more” in mind and stay as tidy as possible. This approach will improve your sleep quality overtime.

3. Add Plants and Greens

Bedroom design sleep

Don’t hesitate to invite nature into your bedroom! Place a few plants here and there; they will purify the air and improve overall air circulation. Human spirit craves bonding with nature, so be kind to your inherent self and add a taste of outdoors to your room.

Trouble-free plants such as ferns, succulents, bamboo, ivy and aloe vera are perfect options if you’re new to plant keeping. Make sure the plant you choose is tolerant to level of sunlight and temperature in your room, keep them clean and water them as required. Dust your plants regularly to help them absorb more sunlight.

4. Block Sound and Light

You probably know about this tip already. Human body is naturally responsive to light, so even the slightest rays of light can disturb your sleep. Install blackout blinds and make sure the curtains are closed before you sleep. If you’re sensitive about noise, use earplugs or try to silence every noise in your house. In a nutshell, your bedroom must be like a cave for sleeping only; you want to make sure it’s completely comfy, dark, cool and quiet through the night.

5. Nightwear and Bedding

Bedroom design sleep

For bedding setup, try to use as much natural material as possible, and avoid synthetic products such as polyester since they might cause irritation and further issues. Instead, go for silk, cotton and linen for best experience. These fabrics not only feel better but also allow your body to breathe better and stay cool or warm, depending on surrounding temperature. When choosing your duvet, go for natural options such as feather-down and avoid artificial products as much as possible. Sleep experts recommend to get soothing material for nightwear as well, so you might just better go for silk, cotton or linen for better sleep. Remember to keep an extra blanket nearby in case you get cold for the night.

6. Natural Remedies

Bedroom design
Bedroom design

You can create a calming sensation with some help of essential oils and natural fragrances. You can place a small pack of dried aromatic leaves inside your pillow, spray some lavender oil solution on your sheets or dab a few drops of essential oil on the mattress. Another option is to drip a little amount of oil in your bathtub filled with warm water, and spend a while in the soothing tub before going to bed. Feel free to couple this practice with a hot cup of tea.

7. Avoid Blue Light

Bedroom design sleep

All the blue light emitted from phones, PC screens and LCD televisions signal our bodies to remain awake, hence disturbing the sleep. When you use a light-emitting device in the darkness, intensive light prevents melatonin release in your body which inhibits natural relaxing. This particular hormone is responsible for making you feel drowsy. Try to avoid using electronic devices an hour prior to bedtime and if possible, leave them outside your bedroom. Use a traditional alarm clock to wake up in the morning.

8. Get a Comfortable Mattress

We spend almost 70% of our lifetime sleeping, so it’s definitely worth purchasing a fine mattress to get the best sleep quality possible. A suitable mattress shall support your entire body, keep your spine in neutral position to avoid extra pressure or frequent rolling and turning, hence making you comfortable. A suitable mattress allows your muscles to relax and recover overnight, probably even alleviating skeletal pains and difficulties.

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