Storage for Small Bedrooms

Optimize Space Utilization in Small Bedrooms

Many people these days are tight on space, and investing in extending the space cannot be much of an option. However, there are still some tips and tricks to use literally every last bit of space for storage; evaluate the situation and choose the method according to how much room you need. The solutions are really diverse- from building a foldable bed beside your closet to adding a mountable desk against the wall. Here are some advises for you to get motivation kickin’.

Use a Clothing Rack

Storage for Small Bedrooms

This option will put your clothes at full display, which is some kind of decoration on its own! Bonus point for you can observe your wardrobe over time and decide what to keep and what to let go of for a neat space management.

Hang Shoes on Door

If you’re running out of space to keep shoes at, hang them behind the door. Having a few pairs of shoes can help you save space, however.

Buy a Wardrobe

It’s fine if you don’t have a closet or can’t afford one! There are various wardrobes, store-sold or DIY and you can take good benefit from such products.

Functional Nightstand

It’s not necessary to get two separate items for nightstand and desk. Why not get a multi-functional desk and use it both ways?

Get a Bed Hutch

Bed hutches coming with extra space on headboard are the deal. You can organize books or essentials in the said space.

Invest in a Wall-Mounted Desk

Storage for Small Bedrooms

This is as simple as you can get. Dismount the desk whenever you’re working, and mount it back against the wall to save space.

Storage Bench Near Bed

A popular option as the name suggests. Place whatever you need on the bench and use it as a seating, but make sure it’s tidied up!

Hide Your Shoes

Let’s say you’re not interested in displaying your shoes to the world. Cabinets are perfect places for shoe organization.

Get a Murphy Bed

Storage for Small Bedrooms

Since you most likely won’t need the bed 24/7, consider getting a Murphy bed that can be folded against a wall or the floor when not used.

Use a Corner Rack

The image of lonely chair placed in a corner buried under tons of stuff is not the best thing ever. Instead, make a tidy space in the corner and organize your clothes properly.

Use the Space Around Bed

Store your possessions in plain sight! These hanging clothes are functioning as a potential headboard, come to think of it.

Store Shoes Vertically

Placing your shoes on a ladder like this will not only keep them perfectly organized and out of the way, but gives you a better display when deciding which one to wear.

Use Your Bed Frame

We’re talking about the shove-under-bed method here. Place your shoes and other stuff in baskets, push them under the bed frame and drape blanket edges over it to hide the sight.

Lift Up Your Bed

Storage for Small Bedrooms

You can improvise and invest in creating a storage room under the mattress instead of shoving boxes under your bed. Perfect for next season clothes it is.

Utilize Your Wall

Somewhat of a combination between dresser and a shelf. Doesn’t it look fancier than an ordinary closet after all?

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