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Fascinating Classy Copper Surfaces

Copper has always been a long-lasting and replaceable material.

Copper, however, will get oxidized when exposed to environment conditions in the long run and a green oxidized layer will appear on top of the surface.

The only reason behind color and texture change of copper sheets, is the weather. Newly unrolled metal material appears in a glowing shade of red at first, but weathering and all the exposure to consequent rain and airing will definitely change the exterior appearances over time. TECU Classic provides copper sheets that retain their shiny surface undamaged for a long time after installation. Gradual changes occur in a slow pace, which is almost unnoticeable.

Very first stages of copper oxidizing are displayed as surface going matte. That oxide layer forming is supposed to prevent further damage by environmental conditions, and it creates a palette of brown and bluish-brown hues all over the sheet. Subtle alternations depend on intensity of exposure to light and humidity.

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Iconic sign of copper going all oxidized is the surface growing green. If you see the fine coating of green on copper sheets, you know they’re oxidized.

It’s regular for copper sheets to develop that green oxidized layer, but it’s usually more prominent on inclined surfaces. The green patina might not create the best exterior appearance, but it’s protecting the sheets against further damages and literally helping copper stay intact for much longer time.

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