Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Every single soul on Earth starts their day by entering the bathroom; to get refreshed and cleaned up and ready for the day. This means your bathroom will be the very first place you’ll see every day and its appearance can impact your mood for the rest of time. Thus you’d want to have an appropriate bathroom, clean and not too tiny of course. However if the one in your house is already small, it doesn’t mean you have to move to a house with grand bathrooms or call the architect to physically extend the space. There are tricks and tips to make small bathroom look larger, much less expensive yet equal in efficiency.

Use a Big Mirror

This idea is brought to you by expert designer Elizabeth Cooper. Placing a mirror which faces the opposite wall will make it appear like double the space you have in the bathroom. Thus mirror can literally be multifunctional and also reflect the light and help illuminate the place effortlessly.

Monochrome Materials

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Choosing a monochrome color scheme for any place will make it appear larger than original. Check out how this gray tonality has favored this place, brining stone surfaces into light and emphasizing the space. The more neutral your color options are, bigger the space will look.

Choose Appropriate Drapes

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Instead of regular plastic curtains, go for more delicate and longer drapes, preferably in soft and mute colors not to catch the sight way too much. Heidi Caillier has done a neat job in this bathroom- from the color choices to texture and vibes.

Gallery Wall

Who said artwork can’t be used in bathrooms? If you’re into a particular art style or have a favorite ornament, go ahead and hang it on the bathroom wall! This will act as a good distracting agent when concerned about tight space.

Use Tiles

This bathroom is figuratively the size of a small chicken coop, but appears larger and much classier thanks to those beautiful tiles embracing walls and floor. Keep in mind to use waterproof material so they’ll last for long times.

Curve Corners

Angular corners are potentially space inhibitors, but you can improvise with a little effort and minimum expenses to turn them into rounded corners. They not only appear stylish and delicate, but will also create the illusion of larger space by reflecting the light, instead of making a shade in angular corner.

Deepen Storage

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

It’s common for bathrooms to have cabinets installed above the sink, and if it’s small there will be some issues with storage. Check out how Robert McKinley has taken best advantage of this mirrored storage space with the color so deep it can inherently play a part in space enlargement.

Go Vertical

Don’t stack up your bathroom with a pile of items, be it useful or not. Just choose a few key elements that are necessary and handy for the bathroom to function properly. Your list of items shall consist of a mirror, a medicine cabinet for storage (again, Do. Not. Stack!) and a fine drape. Choose your colors accordingly to soften the theme.

Create Your Own Surfaces


Let your creation show some love to the bathroom as well as other rooms! Check out how Corinne Mathern has incorporated a storage space in this seemingly useless space. Nothing can keep you from applying same setting to your own space. Make best use of already built spaces or create room yourself, decorate it a little bit and feel proud of yourself!

Choose Dark Colors

Despite what it sounds, dark setting can do wonders at giving a small space a larger overall appearance. Robert Rak is the master behind this setting: black wall decoration shot through with lines of white, stone sink and bright ceiling not only looks Gucci but also draws attention to the light coming from above and distracts person from the actual space size.

Extend Sink Surfaces

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Instead of a double sink vanity, a long design could save you serious space. The sink and countertop are all one piece and it’s long enough that two people can get ready at the same time.

Opt for Glass Shower Doors

Choose a foggy class door instead of hanging curtains. Emil Dervish has designed this chic and outstanding bathroom, mainly covered in bright tiles with eye-catching colors on top.

Keep Things Bright

White is the traditional and most popular for bathrooms, since it brings a sense of purity and sanitary. There’s no reason to limiting yourself to tiles and ceramic; you can improvise and use stone, stained wood, vinyl and graphic material to decorate and preserve your bathroom. Get creative to avoid a boring finish!

Build Shower Niches

This is an unwritten rule that applies everywhere plus the bathroom: If you’re taking up much space at one point, make extra space on another. For instance, if your bathtub is huge then opt for high shelves with several storage spaces, and concealable shelves that are hidden nice and neat behind a drape.

Hide your Storage


With a bathroom like this, it’s really hard to think about the tight space at first glance. An essential and super effective step to take, is installing a mirror in a corner. This will appear irregularly attractive. And go wild with artwork and sweet touches of creativity here and there; see how can you make the best out of a sad bathroom!

Get Creative

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Decoration in a small bathroom does not really extend the area, but draws attention to elegant and breathtaking (if you try hard enough!) details and most likely makes one forget how small bathroom is in the first place. This design performed by Shaun Smith is a perfect example.

Opt for Ledges over Furniture

Most bathrooms do not provide a specified space to store handy and most useful items, say, toothbrushes and soap. Speaking of which, we’re not telling you to get another space-consuming piece of furniture. A regular floating shelf fixated on the wall right above the sink will do the trick. Check out how Leanne Ford Interiors have solved the problem of lacking a medicine cabinet. The mini shelf installed in a corner will also work to store your essentials efficiently and in arm’s length.

Take Advantage of Shades

Adding way too much bright items and light bulbs to a potentially dark space will make it look more artificial and lifeless instead of chic. Learn to play along and take advantage of already incorporated shades. Dark designs have never been out of trend, and they’re more than welcome into the bathroom.

Use Bins and Baskets

Don’t worry if you have no cabinets at your house. Open shelves can be kept neat and in order by adding to them a few baskets and hangers. Build a storage stand with the help of your own creativity and at minimal expense.

Use those Windows

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Mirror can be an alternative blocking for windows if your walls aren’t wide enough to install mirrors.

Install a Skylight

If your windows won’t receive and lead enough light inside, improvise and expand see-through surfaces to let more light in!

Make Room for Essentials

A design such as this shower room allows less room occupation for storing essentials. Plus, it looks super cute doesn’t it?

Let the Sink Float

No cabinets, no problem with space. All you need to choose is a neat and small sink to do the job.

Get A Big Mirror

What’s wrong with a miniature styled bathroom? Choose a large element to attract attention and make the place appear vast. Again, use a mirror for reflection.

Use Patterns

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Circular patterns around the central drain and shower surrounded by long drapes will go a long way to enhance your space.

Towel Bars

Towel bars are your friend. They will hold your towels nice and clean, and prevent towels from lying around.

Continue Floor Tile

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Make it look as if the bathroom was initially larger and you’ve surrounded the private area. Let the tiles continue into the shower as well.

Catch the Light

The best solution to be kept in mind during building spaces, is letting natural light in. Make sure your bathroom is provided with a window facing outdoors.

Use a Ladder ” Bathroom “

You probably never thought of this. Get a wooden or stainless steel ladder, lean it against a wall and hang towels off it.

Add More Mirrors


As mentioned before, mirrors can be multifunctional considering their reflection abilities. This means an average sized mirror can go a long way since it reflects the light and makes the room double illuminated.

Get a Sliding Door

Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

Yes, doors on a rail are a thing. They can save a lot of space since they won’t require hinge space range to open and close.

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