style rattan furniture

5 Fantastic Ways to Style Rattan Furniture

Furniture may be considered the limelight of your space; so take the chance and add sweet touches to create texture and theme. Every stylish option you can think of, from 70’s rattan goods to weaved baskets, will have their own spirit in whole setting.

1. Add Layers

Inspired by Bohemian set-ups, this option includes layering rattan seats with finely textured throws and cushions; modern or traditional is up to you. Bonus point if rattan furniture style matches the main room theme!

2. Let There Be Touches of Nature

style rattan furniture

An undeniable advantage of rattan, is the sustainability and durability it provides. As an example, you can go for hand-carved mango wood furniture since the source is replaced in a short time, plus material is hardy and long-lasting. Mango wood is often sold as by-product off mango farms, so it won’t be difficult to find. Go further and add bamboo, seagrass and unpolished natural goods to grant your room with natural vibes.

3. Start Small

If financial or time issues are not so pleasant or you’re just unsure where to begin with, start off small! A rattan nightstand, table or mirror frame should be perfect. We recommend you to put rattan goods somewhere light can touch, so they will display their unique shadows over the place.

4. Use In Compact Spaces

Unlike some other materials, rattan is easy to maintain and might be the perfect option if you’re tight on space. Hues are not too vibrant and glossy so they most likely will match any other settings in your room. Rattan peacock chairs are a fabulous touch for your bedroom, for instance.

5. Consider Outdoor Spaces

style rattan furniture

What can stop you from decorating your porch with rattan furniture and seating? Nothing! Placing a number of rattan chair, print or wool cushions and soft throws around a table on your deck or balcony creates a heart-melting 70’s theme that will temps people to sit down and have a nice evening tea.

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