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Top Scandinavian House Design Ideas

With seasons all changing from chilly and blue to bright and warm, it’ll be lovely if you decided to show your house some love and alternate the overall looks! We are here to help you get ready for a blissful summer with lively vibes.

We’re recommending Scandinavian design for multiple reasons. This decoration style is pure, optimizes space utilization and isn’t messy to look at. You can incorporate a couple of designs together to create the fancy, yet soothing environment. This is particularly desirable for summer when you want interiors to be clean, comforting with a touch of nature the most of all times.

1. Go For Open Plan Living

transform home Scandinavian

A considerable pro of Scandinavian style, is avoiding too much mess around the place. It’s all about getting clear and pure lines since there are just a few furniture sitting around. Bonus point is hints of nature decorating your house. Most Scandinavian houses are open plan, which means the kitchen is infused with living room and dining room. This will be center of the house and not only enhances space, but will inherently help avoid disorder. Consider the most-used furniture and choose the style based on interior layouts to match the setting.

2. Opt for Functional Furniture

Scandinavian design is basically mean to improve daily life quality. Having said that, elegance and aesthetics aren’t the only aspects you must be looking for. Stick with functionality and choose hardy furniture that serve you just perfectly and last for more than a few years.

So this is how you consider functionality while keeping clutter at bay. Choose a couple of long-lasting and good quality key objects for each room. If you desire some decoration, add a few accessories and furnishing for the sake of spirit. For instance, if you’re going to style a living room up, choose a comfy sofa and a rug for main elements and add a few potted plants, a floor lamp, piece of artwork if you’re into it, and throw in a couple cushions with matching sense of style of course. Don’t stack up items around the house! Just choose a few you’re really passionate about and it will be fine.

3. Keep Color Palette Simple

As you already know, color is a key element when it comes to design. Since we’re talking about Scandinavian design here, it’s best to opt for neutral and mute palettes to avoid disturbance. White background is a perfect example, for it acts as a clean canvas and makes each colorful item pop. With the main hue being mute, you’ll have an easier time altering overall looks by simply re-deciding on ornaments and furnishing.

Where are color-enthusiasts at? You can also use your favorite patterns and hues as long as you keep everything in tune. Try not to overdo the color scheme to avoid flashy visuals. Try pairing up gray sofa with cushions in vibrant colors, or a mute-colored rug with popping artworks and accessories. Let your imagination decide!

4. Pay Attention to Floors

Fitting rigs are hardly incorporated in Scandinavian design. It makes sense since covering up all the beautiful wooden floor is such a waste of aesthetics. Pine or birch wood floors are a delicate sign of precise architecture and furnishing, while doing a great job at creating warm environment and reflecting light. Floor painted white will also help enhance the space.

However, Scandinavian styles are rarely applied without inviting rugs to the image. Choose a wool or cotton rug in mute or soft colors to decorate the floor right under a table or middle of living room floor. The mixture of rugs with wooden floor creates a delicate sense of natural looks.

5. Let There Be Light

transform home Scandinavian

Obvious as it can be, natural light is an essential part of Scandinavian design. You want the summer light to illuminate your space and lift your mood. Limit window decorations to let as much light in as possible. Nordic houses usually do not cover their windows. However this doesn’t mean you cannot install curtains over the windows. Choose delicate material such as linen to keep the elegance. Speaking of interior lights, it’s uncommon for Scandi design schemes to incorporate intensified light sources. Try a combination of floor and table lamps that are a softer alternative.

6. Invite Nature into Your House

Nature-derived materials including wood, cotton, wool and leather are main players in Scandinavian design. Such styles have strong bonds with nature and elements of life, hence reminding us of everything Mother Earth has blessed people with. Use natural items in your house to keep the spirit and liveliness going on and it definitely will impact your life positively.

Nature has already provided a rich and matching color palette! Scandi styles have made best use of this blessing. Sticking to soothing and mute hues with a hints of soft colors here and there will create a serene space without getting it messed up. Remember, Scandinavian style has ‘Neat Space’ in its priorities.

If you’re a plant enthusiast, we have good news for you! Potted plants are very welcome in this style. They might be inexpensive but the impact they leave is definitely worth a lot more. You can go for hanging pots or plants (such as ivy pots) or arrange plants in matching or ascending height order. If you want it simple and less space-occupying, get a few cactus or small pots which can be placed on shelves and counters.

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