Classic Atlanta Home

Stylish and Classic Atlanta House Setting

Young generations have discovered their taste in classic home style, and this house is a perfect example.

Chris Hubbard, based in Atlanta, is the house owner incorporating this timeless style. “Time-specific design was not what we wanted,” he says. “We were looking for the style of design with all-time delicacy which never runs out of season.” Thanks to expert interior designer Karen Ferguson, his family’s desire for house architecture came true. According to Ferguson, a stylish design comfortable for young people was to be performed.

Classic Atlanta Home

Designation was started off with the foyer. The combination of curved staircase and top-arched windows creates the modern spirit while the mahogany table and chairs are a nod to antique style. Ferguson has done a neat job at choosing contrasting colors, smooth gray and soft white undertones create the old school spirit in this house.

Classic Atlanta Home

Here’s everything about this living room that makes it stand out: built-in shelves with warmly stained wood, velvet sofas and softly colored wooden coffee tables. It’s a great option to go with the more formal foyer. “Hubbard and I have decided on warm stained wood to add the touch of classic spirit in this living room,” says Ferguson. “Houses for young families are best to be incorporated with traditional elements for the sake of energy and dynamics.”

Ceilings are designed in a lively manner, decorations and patterns running diagonally to create that traditional look. Ferguson has decided on a coffered ceiling for best impact.

The hall is probably of extra importance when it comes to designation. It can be classic it can be modern, and that will determine the style in limelight. Everything from the harlequin floor to fine draperies, Persian-style carpet and antique table play a part in creating the house vibe.

Classic Atlanta Home

Ferguson has paid adequate attention to architectural niceties to beautify the eventual display. Consider how those classic columns pair with moldings and ceiling patterns. Plaster works be the traditional touch while smooth caramel wallpapers represent the spirit of modern times, and they absolutely go perfectly together. Details are finished by the antique sideboard incorporated as a panel onto the wall.

Ferguson has considered bright and warm colors to create that comfy, home vibe. “Chair fabrics have been chosen subtly to go with main palette,” she says. “This light and welcoming vibe is what we look for in a house.”

Of course silk has always been a key element of traditional design, but potentials and beauty of leather goods shall not be ignored. “We wanted the materials to represent delicacy and appear classic while durable enough to survive a long time with three kids around.”

Every single room in this house is much alike a tapestry. Ferguson has added gondola chairs designed by Michael Lotenero to emphasize the classic vibe and enhance comfort. A large-scale pattern on the Roman shade pairs up perfectly with the background.

Classic Atlanta Home

A principle to keep in mind when deciding on kitchen flooring material, is choosing hardy goods for they shall service at their full potential and survive for years. Having this in mind, Ferguson has decided on limestone tiles over wooden floor. Brass hardware and details are a sweet touch to interior which goes just fine with bright limestone.

Classic Atlanta Home

Hubbards have decided to dedicate upstairs to master design. This is where sophistication and beauty hits the climax: dark-stained hardwood floor and marble bathtub, a Bianca Carrara signature design have created the perfect adult elegance air. A gilded mirror is the final touch to make this picture complete.

Classic Atlanta Home

Shades of blue have an undeniably elegant impact on bedroom settings, creating that vibe of inviting and comfortably safe environment for a peaceful rest. Ferguson has decorated this room in blue silk cocoon walls and pure white draperies. The tall headboard is a modern touch that enhances room space. According to Ferguson, it’s recommendable for families with children to bring sofas into their bedrooms. “They will hop onto the sofa and stay there while their parents are getting ready to start the day!”

“Our home is our oasis,” Chris says. “It’s amazing to have a place where we can enjoy moments together as a family.”

And the best thing, Ferguson says, is that this house will always feel that way. “I gave them the backdrop. They can add to it over time. The house will grow up with them.”

“That’s exactly what I was hoping for,” Chris says. “Karen had a vision and gave us the timeless home we wanted. Every day we pull up in the drive and feel happy.”

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