Tropical Style

Invite Tropical Vibes to Your Space

Perfect solution for decoration-block! this is as effortless and fancy as you can get- tropical styles and decorations will never get old. Try to incorporate patterns, textures and vibrant colors into your room decoration and make the whole thing look like new!

Tropical Style

Tropical style is all about elements of nature, warm colors and tribal vibes derived by wild climate and biodiversity all over tropical areas. Go for as much warmth as you can; choose bold and flamboyant colors, rattan furniture, exotic patterns and shapes and if you can afford it, add a couple of potted plants here and there to enhance the tropical vibes! You can get a pop-art painting to hang on your wall to begin with. Something like a landscape or simple picture with colors screaming the liveliness would work.

Flamingo Frolic

Themes do magic when you’re trying to add some spirit into your space. Flamingo is an iconic species when referring to tropical wildlife, and it has those highly bold shade of pink that’s great to be paired with various shades of blue, teal, forest green and yellow. Of course you’re not limited to the single species; go for any animal you prefer. It could be chameleon, toucan, macaw or scarlet parrots to get your theme based on. Best places to display your favorite pieces include headboard of bed, above a desk like a mantel or the front wall.

Fruity Walls

Tropical Style

Who doesn’t love fruit patterns? Pineapples might seem a bit unpleasant on pizza but they definitely look amazing and adorable as patterns on your furniture, walls or drapes! The main point to keep in mind while choosing a pattern, is your space size. Smaller the space, busier can be the pattern. For instance, a curtain with lively colors and cute shapes will display just perfect in a room with bright themes.

Pretty Palm Trees

Tropical Style

Tropical wallpapers are a blessing for sure but if you can’t find any, go ahead and pain the walls in your favorite patterns! Palm trees are one of the best examples you can incorporate to your walls and choose as main theme. Use a stencil and if you’re creative enough, paint those sweet palms on your own. To get the vibes even more accurate, go for warm colors and use some contrast to enhance the theme. Rattan dining chairs are always welcome into a tropical styled house.

Seaside Inspiration

There are not many people who can resist the urge to collect trophies from Mother Nature when chilling by the shore. Time to use all of those adorable seashells and corals! Decorate your plain shelves with seashells and anything that you’ve gained from the haunt at that beach. Another creative and commonly affordable trick is to stack books with sea colors- get every book you have in colors of blue, gray, teal, white and light brown and place them in the shelf for more visuals.

Turtle Art

Tropical Style

Such a majestic and exotic animal truly deserves some tribute and attention. You can go simple and paint some shapes freehand or use stencil, or get a poster and decorate a large wall where the picture is easily caught by sight.

Bold Colors

You don’t need a certain item to get classy with. Choosing the right colors will also do the trick of creating a tropical theme. Go for bold hues such as bold lime, ripe mango, avocado and sunshine yellow. If you prefer a piece of oceanic hues, add some forest green and blue to calm down the flamboyant palette.

Starfish Decoration

Literal stars on earth and below. Starfish, natural or artificial, create such an irresistible and exotic theme wherever they’re incorporated. We recommend you to get a bunch of stick-on starfish and decorate your walls. You can go further and find starfish designs to add to your beautiful room!

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