extra space in your home

Expand Your Home Space ٍEasily

When you stay home staring at furniture and possessions for too long, you might notice bits and pieces of imperfections that need your attention. We have thought the solution out for you, all you need to do is to read the article thoroughly and see what you can do to show the house some love.

You don’t need to manipulate architectures in order to expand space. There are some tricks and tips for space occupation and usage alternation that reduce amount of unreachable-yet-usable spaces and allow you to store your stuff neatly with more organization.

Learn to Maintain More Room

Whether you’re searching for property staging or a fully project managed bespoke home design, The Furniture Union offer a one-stop-shop for all of your design needs. Here, their 5 easy things you can do to make extra space in your home:

1. Create an Illusion

This route is perfect for extending storage space while taking aesthetics into account. Mirrors pay the major part here: place two regular mirrors collaterally on opposite walls so they face and reflect each other, creating an image as if the room is double its current size. Bonus point if your room has a window, for you can place a mirror facing the window and let the outdoors view be reflected indoors.

extra space in your home

2. Use Those Walls

Not everything has to be placed onto the floor. Box sets and adjustable shelves are perfect for storage and arrangement while taking up less than half the space as needed for all those items. Keep aesthetics in mind as well!

3. Use Smart Tricks

Re-use items for storage and act like they were meant to be like that! A great example is using old chests and suitcases as coffee tables. Pack unused books and clothes inside them before putting the case in display and you’re good to go. Unoccupied spaces such as holes under stairs and the wide space under your bed are excellent for storing rarely used items.

4. Readjust Rooms

Due to lockdown, most of us have been working from home. If you’re frustrated about being unable to concentrate on work, place a chair and desk in that spare bedroom and create your own house office. You can apply this to any other space you need to rearrange; think well and improvise!

extra space in your home

5. Make Most Use of Outdoors

You’re already at win if you have access to outdoor spaces! Consider all options and see how can you make best use of the porch or balcony. A great example for outdoor storage, are lockable chests that can also be used as seats. Choose the type of storage furniture you can move around and arrange without much trouble.

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