productive when working from home

How to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Regarding the current lockdown due to pandemic, most of us are working from home. This is a heavy change of work environment, but you can follow easy tips to adapt as much as possible and keep your productive soul alive and kickin’.

1. Keep Your Home Office Neat

Before getting started, choose a specific spot as your home office to create the necessary vibes in the first place. Make sure the place is serene enough to motivate you for productive and effective work. Keep all the work stuff in the same office, so at the end of a busy day you can just walk away and have a good rest.

Since your work office is more compact than usual, you want to keep it minimal and as neat as possible to avoid distraction. Place the simple and useful objects nearby, so you won’t have to get up frequently to pick up a pencil or such. This will save you from further distraction and loss of concentration, while enhancing your productive spirit. Maintain your workplace neat and organized, you’ll thank yourself later for having to do minimum clean-up by the end of a week!

2. Let There Be Light

productive when working from home

Inadequate natural light might impact your productivity and mental wellbeing negatively. Open the blinds and set curtains aside during the day, and let sunlight illuminate your house office. If your room has no windows, install a SAD lamp to wake you up to bright light; placing LED lights on your desk will also help. According to recent studies, exposure to sunlight in the morning both wakes the brain up and helps us sleep better at night through regulation of our bodies’ internal clock rhythm.

3. Introduce Colors

You can make significant changes to your room by adding a touch of eye-catching color. As tempting as bright and vibrant colors might be, take enough time to design and plan your theme shades wisely so you’ll have nothing to regret later. Go for a shade that’s relaxing and appealing to you to keep the productivity and avoid exhausting yourself.

4. Paint the Walls in Softer Colors

working from home
working from home

The brighter the wall color, the larger the room will look. Look for light colors to paint your walls and create a nice background for your house office. White or cream walls will do great, giving the touches of green, yellow and red a brighter display. You can go for softer colors such as blue and green, for they are excellent at lifting your mood while creating a more nature-themed environment. Blue shades are generally calming and they interact perfectly with the light.

If you’re tight on space or simply cannot paint the walls, look for accommodations that are decorated with calming colors of your desired shades. To make it feel more comfortable, add a couple artwork, posters or small ornaments. These items will allow you to feel more engaged, helping your mind to calm down and concentrate on the job. The surrounding space and decoration is a perfect display of your personality; choose the colors and items thoughtfully and try to make them inspirational. Comfortable house office will definitely create a tranquil and productive atmosphere for you.

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