White for Kitchen Setups

Being the purest of colors and brining a rich sense of serenity and liveliness, white has always been and will remain a popular choice for kitchen cabinets and settings. Probably every one of us remembers grandparents’ antique houses and their sweet kitchens decorated with white items. You can always rely on white for almost any space- kitchen for cabinets and countertops in particular. According to experts, betting on a white kitchen makes us still like its appearance even after years in the same house.

  1. Never, ever ignore the power of well-developed kitchen settings in overall house appearance and potential. This fine example shows how subtle white can get in contrast with dark settings and prevents boring the sight.

2. Practically, we spend most of our lifetime in kitchens so you definitely want to invest in creating a soothing and relaxed theme for that space. Check out the example above and observe how stools have made the furniture look so informally comfortable and friendly. Fantastic design is consistent, so we went with custom millwork for the island. Proper lighting is a must for every space, but it gets really critical when it comes to kitchens. You notice how that hints of blue here and there have altered the color palette into something chic and stylish, making the space inviting to sit down and have a family dinner or just some evening tea.

3. Porcelain looks definitely fabulous in kitchens, on the island more precisely. Install a long-lasting porcelain piece to shine and you’re good to go!

4. Count every fancy touch in this basement: marble-topped bar, temperature-controlled wine-storage, custom concrete ping-pong table, and a state-of-the-art home theater. ⁠
Basements in South Bay area don’t count against the total square footage and you’re allowed to build.

Wonderful white kitchens and cabinets

5. A relatively new and gorgeous trick architects do, is installing built-in sinks or blending in the dishwasher with surrounding cabinets. The creamy-tiled backsplash takes the whole setting to another level.

6. This kitchen definitely looks like a professionals, considering all those settings and careful color considerations. Granite countertops and shiny fixtures complement the light wood to create the perfect industrial farmhouse style.⁠

7. This kitchen built in Hermosa is granted with fancy surfaces, marble tiles and porcelain pieces while the walls are decorated in a delicious creamy shade.

8. Clean design, efficient appliances, plenty of storage, warm accents—what more could anyone ask from a kitchen?⁠

Wonderful white kitchens and cabinets

9. There’s no time limit to incorporate white in your house setting, and it will never run out of trend!

10. Top advantage of white settings is them creating the illusion of larger space. Check out how sweet the combination of white drawers and cabinets appears in this kitchen!

Wonderful white kitchens and cabinets

11. Many drawers are never too much. More the space the better it will be.

Wonderful white kitchens and cabinets

12. Look at this white kitchen and try not to call it beautiful!

Wonderful white kitchens and cabinets

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