Bamboo Blinds

How to Customize Bamboo Blinds

Being easy to customize, bamboo blinds are considered one of the best choices for windows. This tutorial will help you cut the blinds properly to desired size.

If your windows are custom-made and not the standard size, commercial blinds may not fit your window frame just perfectly. Bamboo blinds are inexpensive, easily-adjustable blinds found at almost every home supply stores. You can learn to adjust the size of a store-bought bamboo blind, or fix those that are too long or too wide. Required tools are found at almost every house!

Bamboo Blinds

How to Cut Bamboo Blinds

Cutting bamboo blinds isn’t difficult at all. To fit those blinds on window frame, you will need these supplies.

You Will Need:

  • Bamboo blinds
  • Painters tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Permanent marker or fabric marker
  • Miter saw
  • Straight edge
  • E6000 permanent adhesive glue
  • Cutting mat
  • Utility knife

How to Cut Bamboo Blinds That Are Too Wide

Learn to perform this simply project and fix blinds that are too wide for your windows.

Bamboo Blinds

Step 1: Roll Blinds

Roll blinds tightly around the head rail, and keep the edges even as you go. Wrap a tape in midsection of blinds to hold them firmly in place.

Bamboo Blinds

Step 2: Measure and Mark Intended Size

Measure the size you want the blinds to be, and mark the spot. You can cut off both sides or just one. For one side cut, simply measure the intended width from one end. For double side trim, measure equal distances from center point. Reduce your measure by 1/4 inch to make room for the blinds to move within window frame.

Step 3: Cut Blinds

Use a miter saw and carefully cut the blinds where your mark is. Cut the headrail as well. You might need to cut a slot on headrail or move the mounting bracket according to the blind type or how much material you’re cutting off.

How to Cut Bamboo Shades That Are Too Long

If you dislike the blinds piled up on windowsill, read this tutorial and learn to trim them to perfection.

Step 1: Mark Length

Install blinds to the window according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Mark the back of shades to your preferred length. Blinds should sit just above the windowsill at full length, and never touch the surface. Use a measuring tape and straight edge to draw a straight line across the back of the blinds at your mark.

Bamboo Blinds

Step 2: Cut and Tie Strings

Find the ring closest to your mark, and cut the string. Tie the string to found ring, do a double knot and trim the excess. Repeat this process for all rings at the same level and tie them all.

Bamboo Blinds

Step 3: Secure Strings

Find the area you’re intending to cut on the front side of blinds. Adhere strings above and below that point to protect blinds from unraveling. Make sure every string is glued to the entire length.

Step 4: Cut Final Length

Wait for glue to dry completely. Next, use a cutter or sharp knife to cut off the excess length. Fold about an inch from bottom to form a faux hem, and adhere it to the backside of blinds. For shortening, trim or tie pull cords.

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