Windowfor Tricky Doors

French Door and Window Treatments

Doors are often ignored when it comes to decoration and looks. They’re basically a hard one to decorate, since they’re literally functional parts of your property. Classic or slide type, doors with views to outdoors need extra attention since wrong window treatment can prevent traffic. Here are a number of room examples to give you a taste of how windows are styled while functioning as usual.

Layered Treatments

This is what French style is all about: Two coupled panels covering the doors of this dining room. A floral curtain hanging close to the window is a perfect bet to allow light inside the room, creating a beautiful external appearance when closed for privacy. Outer layers of drapery better be in a bold color to frame the transparent fabric below to enhance the delicate looks.

Triple Play

Windowfor Tricky Doors

This look is created thanks to the trio of windows, which are in turn considered the center stage. Treatments are able to slide to cover the doors as a paired or single wall, made out of four individual panels. Ceiling-high draperies favor the doorways in the most appealing way.

White Out

French doors of this bedroom are opened to a porch. A single curtain hanging across is prevented from interfering with the way out thanks to a rod. Panels are designed wide enough to hide the shut doors. Since the beds are placed in direct reach of sunlight, it’s a wise choice to go for heavy material for drapes to avoid morning interruption.

Contrasting Coverage

Sunrooms are perfect canvases for French doors and windows. This room is provided with lower blinds that can be pulled up or down to let light in. Those white walls create a fabulous contrast with ceiling wood, visuals finished with the stained wood.

Connected Dots

Decorating French doors and windows with dotted drapes is the name of the game here. Panels are draped from rings over the windows and Roman shades are hung instead of rods, for the sake of heavy molds above doorframe.

Extra Embellishment

Windowfor Tricky Doors

These French doors are covered under layers of Roman shades. The blue ribbon running up on each side is meant to uplift the image and prevent a boring display, tying the window treatment with chair upholstery. If you’re yet to be satisfied but not into sewing, grab a glue gun and adhere grosgrain ribbons.

Smart Repetition

The surfaces of headboard, draperies and bedskirts are delicately covered in matching floral patterns, giving the bedroom a neat image. Ceiling-reaching drapes are hung from rods above the windows and French doors, panels extent to the floor. On both windows and doors, the rod extends past the trim molding so draperies can fall to the side, letting in the sunlight.

Industrial Edge

These French doors are constructed out of stainless steel, bringing a transitional vibe to the living room. The steel rod is attached along the doors to the ceiling, holding the dark brown drapes. Finish is favored in glistening metal.

Linear Design

Windowfor Tricky Doors

Simple yet superb cottage bedroom is decorated by architectural details and curtains, merged visually into a single unit. Draperies are ceiling-high, giving the room a nice linear design. The fabric matches the ceiling in color. That heavy fabric is also pulled downward by delicate pleats in a few strokes.

Hidden Function

Windowfor Tricky Doors

The mechanics of a drapery are better off hidden for the sake of aesthetics, thus this room is given a wide molding to put the mechanisms out of sight. Doing so will allow more room for draperies to cover the wall when closed. The wide Roman shade fixed to the door literally acts as a first privacy layer, drapes being the second when opened.

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