You Should Grow These Plants Together (2)

According to seasonal expert gardeners, sowing a mix of various plants together will improve both plant health and overall beauty. The rumors of magic happening between certain plant combinations might not be wrong, after all. Scientific researches indicate that companion planting phenomenon is a thing; many experienced growers use this method as a yield-increasing strategy. Proper pairing will have many benefits for both companions.

Certain pairings might also help with pest control. Some plants are pest-repellent, while some will attract the harmful organisms to protect the delicate plants.

The following combinations will function perfectly together.

Cauliflower and Dwarf Zinnias

Plants Side-By-Side

Dwarf zinnias produce plenty of nectar to attract ladybugs and other beneficial predators, indirectly protecting cauliflower.

Collards and Catnip

Planting catnip beside collards will decrease flea beetle damage. The scent shall appear as pest-repellent, as well.

Strawberries and Love-In-A-Mist

According to Cunnigham, sapphire flowers of tall love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena) plants will look amazing as a focal point in a wide strawberry row.

Lettuce and Tall Flowers

Plants Side-By-Side

Lettuce will grow best when it receives adequate amount of shade per day. Nicotiana (flowering tobacco) and cleome (spider flower) will provide the perfect shade.

Radishes and Spinach


To keep leafminers away from your spinach, plant in some radish seeds along the main row. Radish leaves might get sacrificed to protect the spinach, but radish roots will grow just fine.

Potatoes and Sweet Alyssum

Plants Side-By-Side

Sweet alyssum develops clusters of tiny flowers to attract pollinators, and gives a lovely fragrance to your garden. You can use alyssum as pollination-enhancer for bushy crops like potatoes, or just let it grow wide to act as groundcover beside arching crops such as broccoli.

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