Perfect Plants for Your Urban Garden

1. California Poppies

Californian poppies (Eschsholzia californica) are one of the best plants to be added on gardens. Being a tough annual, this plant attracts wildlife, prefers drained soil with adequate sunlight and develops fancy flowers with vibrant colors. Californian poppy can also tolerate oceanic conditions. Make sure your area is sunny enough for this plant. The spectacular flowers are edible, used as food garnish.

2. Cornflower (Centaura Cyanus)

According to expert recommends, best plants for margin decoration are perennials. Want some exotic colors in your garden? Go for some blue! There are varieties of plants that develop flowers in cobalt, azure, lavender and indigo tones. Blue flowers not only grant viewers with nature-derived serenity, but they also produce plenty of nectar and attract pollinators to your urban garden. Blue cornflower is a significant option when it comes to garden designing, since the sapphire hues create a sense of space and depth, balancing all the warm colors on common flowers.

The blooming period of cornflowers may last around two to three months during summer. The optimal scattering time for this plant is from April to May. Amateur gardeners may want to begin their journey with a trouble-free plant, so cornflowers might be the best option for first sowing experience. These elegant plants produce a generous amount of nectar and will welcome pollinators to the garden.

plants for urban gardens

3. Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae)

Euphorbia belongs to the same family as poinsettias and cacti. These plants are easy to care for and will add some stylish vibes to your garden. If you’re planning to choose plants based on a mixed scheme, include Euphorbias to improve the texture. The glamorous flowers of this plant, along with the rest of colorful bushes and perennial blossoms, will give an iridescent look to the garden.

Euphorbias are usually pest-free and will not carry diseases, so you might want to consider them as perfect trouble-free options.  

4. Molinia Moorhexe (Molinia Caerulea)

Molinia Moorhexe, originally British, is a bush-type ornamental plant with dense upright leaves. Due to clumpy nature, this plant will do great as a blocking border and will cover the external view of your garden. Molinia Moorhexe develops purple spiky flowers during summertime and by autumn, the green foliage will turn to a bright yellow.

plants for urban gardens

5. Geulder Rose(Viburnum Opulus)  

Observe the rural borderlines or agricultural boundaries, and you’ll find out the diversity of natural hedging plants has no practical end. Most organic gardeners choose Geulder rose to cover and decorate their lawn at the same time. This plant develops delightful flowers through spring and summer and ends up bearing bright red berries by autumn. Speaking of which, the rose will always produce unique decorations for the whole year!

6. Yellow Iris (Iris Pseudacorus)

Water is an essential garden requirement, but you can take advantage of its aesthetic aspects as well. For ages, water has been considered as the symbol of movement and tranquility; thus adding a small pond to your garden will lift viewers’ pleasure and mood. Nevertheless, the surrounding vegetation must be chosen accordingly to match the aquatic environment.

Let’s say you’ve prepared a small pond in your garden. For visual improvement and providing water linkage, we recommend you to consider proper vegetation as natural water edge covers. Irises are a perfect choice as borders; they blur out the edges, lean further toward the garden and even offer a safe shelter for animal eggs!

plants for urban gardens

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