Top Flowering House plants

Top Ten Flowering Houseplants

With the urban life drawing over the majority, not many people have access or are able to afford gardens anymore. However, this shall not stop one from inviting nature into their houses! We’ve prepared a list of sturdy, yet breathtakingly beautiful houseplants that bloom at least annually and fancy up the space with their vibrant colors and fragrance. Read through the list below and choose the plant you’re willing and able to keep.

1. African Violet

African Violet

Our favorite plant comes first in this list! You’ll definitely fall in love with these petite and cute plants. They’re low-maintenance, develop charming flowers multiple times a year and will not require a lot of space. The only thing you shall keep in mind about African violets, is to perform the watering properly; they need to be planted inside pots that allow water to penetrate from the bottom through the soil. Whenever the soil dries up, you should pour water into the tray beneath the pot and let the soil absorb it since direct watering may lead to root decay in this case. African violets may live up to five years, regarding the conditions.

2. Amaryllis


You can either purchase an already potted amaryllis or go for the autumn-sold bulb. If you decide on planting a bulb, water it regularly and make sure indirect light is provided. Mature amaryllis requires fair amount of indirect light to thrive and develop flowers. Fully bloomed flowers will remain fine for about two weeks, and once they wilt you can cut the aged tissue off and save the plant for next year. When next winter is about to end, bring the remaining bulb into a shaded corner, start watering after November and wait for it to come to life again.

3. Poinsettia


Best known as Holiday Plants, Poinsettia are a lovely choice of plants to be kept indoors. These beauties require plenty of indirect sunlight and average humidity, will do just fine in a room with a window catching enough sunlight. Like any other plant, make sure you water Poinsettia whenever soil runs dry. Plants shall receive adequate water-not too little to remain thirsty, and not too much to drown. To prevent a common problem of leaf-shedding, keep your plant in cool and ventilated conditions.

4. Geranium


You’ve probably seen Geraniums at grandparents’ houses. These plants are elegant and one-of-a-kind with their flowers blooming in vibrant colors. You can get an aromatic variety and enjoy the fragrance as well as the sight. Geraniums are low maintenance and will thrive perfectly as long as they receive indirect sunlight and regular watering.

5. Begonia


Begonia is usually kept outdoors, but it’s that type of plant that tolerates indoors conditions as well. These plants absolutely love the sun- however don’t make the common mistake of exposing them to a lot of direct sunlight! A sun-catching window will work perfectly. The range of Begonia variety reaches the sky; you can go for blooming varieties or choose inherently iridescent ones such as Rex begonia, angel-wing or wax leaf.

6. Peace lilly

Peace lilly

Just as the name suggests, peace lilly is such a trouble-free plant to keep at home. You can place this magnificent art of nature almost anywhere in your house for they’re not picky about light intensity. These perennial plants will bloom multiple times during a year, developing exotic flowers. The only thing you need to remember about this plant, is they’re toxic for pets so you’ll need to keep your furry friends away.

7. Bromeliad


Basically, bromeliad belongs to pineapple family (you can tell from the looks!) but they don’t tend to grow much large. They come in a variety of colors including crimson, orange, sunshine yellow and hot pink. These plants require a good amount of sunlight to thrive and you’ll have to water them whenever pot soil is way too dry. Spraying bromeliad will also do them a favor.

8. False shammock

False shammock

First glance of false shammock brings the illusion of hundreds of butterflies gathered together on a plant. Purple leaves and small white flowers are definitely the key charms of this plant. False shammock will do okay with regular watering and indirect sunlight; keep in mind that it’s a photophilic plant which spreads its leaves during daytime and will fold them back together at night.

9. Kalanchoe


Colorful kalanchoes crave a wide, sunny window to show off their beauty at! These plants are to be found in numerous colors, and they’re absolute light-lovers. Kalanchoe blooms multiple times during the year when taken care of properly.

10. Crown of thorns

Crown of thorns

Main appearances of this plant might not be much to look at, but your mind will definitely be changed when plant is in full bloom. Crown of Thorns come in a variety of colors from bright red to soft pink and speckled white. Keep them indoors where sunlight can reach and water regularly. However you need to be careful with those thorns while handling the plant!

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