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9 Must-Have Garden Tools

Obviously, a gardener requires their own arsenal to get the work done properly in high quality and efficiency. Whether you’ve recently built a garden or just decided to show your already existing garden some love, a certain list of items will be needed. We’ve brought to you this expert-advised list of tools so you’ll know what to do!

1. Gloves


Safety-providing gloves are a must when it comes to gardening. Best bet for this matter, are nitrile coated products for they protect your hands against rough and possibly sharp thorns and shards, toxins and potentially dangerous insects. For more protection, get the ones that extend up to your forearms.

2. Pruning shears

Pruning shears

You’ve probably seen a pair of shears on every gardener’s belt. This shows how handy they come in garden work; from pruning trees and shrubs to harvesting products, cutting off unwanted weeds and excessive growth, shears will be your best friends at gardening. Always make sure your shears are sharp enough to begin with, and they’ll last for a long time if used properly.

3. Watering Can

Watering Can

Watering is an essential step at gardening. You’ll need some efficient tool to carry water around inside, and this is where watering cans come helpful. There are various versions manufactured out of various materials, metal and plastic products are most common these days.

Pay attention to the nozzle type, most cans have classic tube nozzles while some are equipped with removable sprinkle nozzles. Take the size and type into account while choosing your watering can. For outdoors, large cans with drip-type nozzles will be perfect while indoors plants are best watered with small, long-nozzled cans.

4. Hose with adjustable nozzle

Hose with adjustable nozzle

You can’t carry around a heavy water can around the whole garden, hence preparing a durable hose is a must to gardeners. The length must be enough to allow reaching every space of your garden without causing problems. Measure the length you’ll need before making a purchase, and decide what type of nozzle you’ll need, best will be the adjustable ones.

Remember to clean the nozzle every now and then to make sure it’s not clogged. It’s important how you gather the hose up; for best protection and prolonged life, coil it up when you’re not using the hose and place it somewhere sunlight cannot touch. Be careful not to fold or make kinks in the hose for any damage can lead to tearing or weak spots.

5. Garden fork

Garden fork

This claw-like tool does just as the name suggests, it basically helps you dig rough soil, pluck out unwanted plants and even lightly till those beds. If you got a raised bed in your garden, this fork will give you an incredible hand at breaking clods and smoothening out the soil.

6. Hand trowel

Hand trowel

Even non-gardeners tend to have a trowel at home, this is how useful they come in hand. Trowels can basically help with everything- from tilling the earth to planting and picking up plants for transplanting. There are diverse types of trowels to use for various purposes; for instance, narrow versions are best for weeding and broad blades help with picking up soil or breaking clods. Make sure your trowel is made out of stainless steel to ensure long lasting.

7. Shovel


To plant goods, you’ll have to prepare garden beds. And to make garden beds you’ll need a good shovel. In addition to your regular long-handled shovel with broad blade, there are also specified shovels such as sharpshooter spading shovel with the narrow blade which is used for working in beds and cloddy soil, or a Kombi shovel (with a toothed blade ideal for digging in heavy clay).

Choose your shovel according to the requirements and your own physical abilities, basically something you can handle without struggling. There’s no need to get a superman’s shovel if you’re planning to prepare garden beds at private property; a short-handled shovel with stainless blade will work fine.

8. Rake


Rakes do a sincere job at helping you gather up fallen leaves and foliage. There are various types of rakes available, experts recommend you to choose metal-branched products over plastic ones for more durability.

9. Wheelbarrow


Items such as compost, foliage and soil cannot be carried easily with a bucket or such without making a mess. This is why we’re telling you’ll need a wheelbarrow- this carrier tool will provide you enough space to pick up your material of choice and move it effortlessly around the place without making much of a ruckus.

That’s pretty much it! However, there are also other items you might want to add to your garden arsenal (e.g. gardening hat, belts, hoes, spades, etc.) but before purchasing a handful of equipment at the local store and realizing you’ve got way too much stuff that might not even be needed when it’s too late to go back, read through a couple of recommendation lists and decide what items are most essential for you. Good luck gardening!

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