Sustainable Gardening

Viable Gardening Tips You Should Know

Many people are extending their everyday life to their gardens to chill and take a break from all the tensions. A small garden is not much different from private yards or large garden houses when it comes to the soothing effects of nature. Here, we have provided you a list of easy-to-maintain gardening tips to help your garden shine bright for a longer time.

1. Sustainable Irrigation

Sustainable Gardening

You can count on the rainwater as a reliable source for irrigation. Collecting water during every rainfall will help you avoid paying for mains water, while providing a sustainable watering source which is beneficial to all types of plants in your garden.

If you’re concerned about carrying heavy rainwater buckets around the place to water your garden, here’s a solution! All you need is a powerful watering system that runs on electricity or batteries, based on your preference. Attach a hose (sprinkler optional) and it’s ready for the job!

During warm seasons, you’ll need to pay extra attention to high water consuming plants. Make sure they don’t get dehydrated. If you have hanging pots around, water them regularly during hot times to prevent drying.

2. Recycle Garden Foliage and Control Weeds

It’s almost a gardening tradition to build a compost pile in a corner. Such practice is the perfect means to dispose and reuse gardening waste at the same time; just throw in every bush clipping and vegetable waste and it’ll turn into organic fertilizer overtime. Cut-offs are also helpful to prevent compost heating since they provide adequate air circulation within the compost pile.

You can also use clipping residue as mulch. Just scatter them around on the garden floor to prevent weed growth, preserve soil moisture and regulate the temperature.

3. Use Clippings and Leftover Foliage for Wildlife Attraction

Extending wildlife diversity in your garden is easily achievable by creating natural habitats. All you need to do, is to make piles of clippings with fallen leaves and waste foliage. Soon, you’ll welcome insects and probably small birds and mammals in your garden.

The simple way to leaf collection, is using a leaf blower. For trickier areas of garden where you’ll need cordless tools, get a rack and do the rest of collecting.

4. Mow and Fertilize The Lawn at The Same Time.

Sustainable Gardening

This practice will save you money and time. Next time you’re going to mow the lawn, remove the catcher bag and attach a mulching kit. This will scatter the shredded grass over lawn floor as you go, and the organic material will fertilize your yard just as fine. For best results, mow when the grass is about 2 cm in height. When the lawn area is neat and done, trim the edges according to your own preference.

5. Provide Your Own Firewood or But a Parcel

Gardening Tips

There’s no reason not to use the wood from your own garden to start a fire. Build your own firewood supply and save cash. Trimmed branches from spring or autumn will recover the trees, meanwhile providing the firewood you’ll need.

It’s okay if you don’t have a land plot of your own. If there’s a fireplace at your property, go ahead and purchase a parcel in a forest, so you’ll have no issues to transport firewood and usable tinder from natural sources. By doing so, you’ll stick to sustainability guidelines while getting physically active.

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