Outdoor Plant Stand

Create a Classy Outdoor Plant Stand Out of Plain Wooden Trellises

You won’t need to spend a lot of cash on outdoor decorations! The following guide will teach you to build an elegant plant stand using low-cost material.


This plant stand is easy to create and will give a ranch-house theme to your porch or balcony. If done correctly, the glossy surface and black shade of the stand will give a modern look to the rack of potted plants. For this DIY craft, you will need wood trellises and a couple of dowels. These items can be bought for a low price at renovation supply stores. The exclusive design relies on round duct caps. To prevent a collapse, the finished stand should be attached firmly against a wall. Feel free to add details for extra color and decoration. The following step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make an impressive, grange style outdoors plant stand.

Outdoor Plant Stand
  • Working time 3 hrs
  • Start to finish 1 day
  • Difficulty Kind of easy

You Will Need:


  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Lint-free rag
  • Paintbrush
  • Awl
  • Drill


  • 3/4 x 36-inch square dowels
  • 24 x 72-inch wood trellises
  • Exterior stain
  • 8-inch-diameter duct caps
  • Spray paint
  • 1/2-inch screws
Plant Stand
Plant Stand


Step 1

Cut Dowels

Cut 3/4-inch square dowels into 16 pieces, each measuring 11-1/4 inches. You can use a miter saw for accuracy.

Step 2

Paint Trellises

Use a brush or tack cloth and paint every wooden surface with black exterior stain, until every trellis and dowel is completely coated. Wipe the excess stain with a lint-free rag. We recommend to use sealant-containing exterior stains to prolong the life of your plant stand. Olympic Maximum Stain is a good choice and will leave a matte finish on the surface. Set the coated pieces aside to dry.

Step 3

Paint Duct Caps

Duct caps will act as perches for your plant pots. Coat the caps with prime and spray paint them carefully. Make sure your working area is properly ventilated before using spray paint.

Step 4

Punch Holes

Mark hole positions in the opposite sides of each cap, 3/8 inches below the top edge. Use the awl to cut the hole. If you’d prefer to make a drainage, drill another hole in the middle of your duct caps.

Step 5

Secure Caps

Place a trellis flat on the ground. Arrange the duct caps inside the center of each square opening. Use ½-inch screws to fixate the caps onto the horizontal trellis bars. Flip the trellis upside and put the other one on top. Make sure the trellises line up. Attach duct caps to the second trellis by ½-inch screws, and lift the assembly to stand.  

Step 6

Attach Dowels

Use a pin nailer to secure dowels at each junction. Repeat on the opposite side. Use screws, nails or straps to attach the stand firmly against a wall to prevent a collapse and guard it from the severe weather conditions.

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