Pantone’s Color

How to Add Pantone’s Color of the Year to Your Garden

If you’re the modern kind of gardener, adding the color of the year to your landscape will be an amazing idea. Here are a few tips.

Pantone’s Color
Color of the Year

1. Plant Various Blue Flowers

Pure blue is an uncommon flower color since most plants don’t produce true blue pigments.

Hopefully, there are many flowering plants that develop blooms with some shades of blue. If you’re planning to get some potted plants, drought-resistant salvia (also known as Black and Blue salvia) is for you. Other options include spreading lobelia (producing Laguna Sky Blue flowers) and long-blooming summer snapdragon (bringer of Angelface blue). There are also many low maintenance perennials you can add to your garden for blue shades; These include blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium angustifolium), bearded and Siberian irises, hydrangea varieties (producer of Let’s-Dance blue) and last but not least, the bluebeard that develops flowers in Pantone’s Color.

2. Add Blue Garden Accents

Sky is the limit when you’re supposed to use various elements to enlighten the colors. Every fancy item, from ornamental planters and birdbaths to mini art pieces can add blue shades to your garden.

Don’t get discouraged if there are no flowers in your lawn. Bluish objects will display perfectly even without blooms present. Place them somewhere to easily catch the eye. The space along an extensive garden hedge or beside stone walls will work just fine.

According to landscape designer based in Southern California, Sara Bendrick, creating a nice impact doesn’t necessarily cost a lot. “Decorative glass chunks on a gravel deck will be lit”, she says.

Check in with the local renovation store if there’s blue glass available. Ceramic pieces are also a great canvas for you to add the color of the year to your lawn.

Pantone’s Color

3. Use Blue Outdoor Decor

Treat the outdoors just like you would do indoor spaces. The decoration is all up to you and the available budget. For instance, renew old and plain benches, stain them with desirable paints and create a seating area.

Once the painted benches are dry and you’re satisfied with the blue sheen, add some outdoor cushions with harmonizing colors to create a flawless dining spot with calming vibes.

“Beautiful dinnerware, umbrellas, painted benches or outdoor rugs will create a marina theme or make you feel like being on a Greek vacation,” Sara says.

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