Dress Trees Landscape

Easy Tips to Dress Up Trees in Your Garden

One of the best landscape items, are shade trees. Dressing trees up will enhance their beauty and keep them healthy. Here are some easy instructions to help you make the best use of spaces around trees.

Shade trees, regardless of how long they’ve been planted inside your garden, will highly improve the garden beauty while the canopy provides considerable shade. Learn some simple tricks and your trees will look perfect. The tree canopy and dense leaves might fill the space above, but there will be an empty area left on the ground. The tree trunk also requires your attention. To take care of the empty space and tree trunk at the same time, make good use of the space underneath the branches to give your lawn a finished look. This will protect the roots, as well. The following landscaping tips will create fantastic and long-lasting results, but much to your surprise, they’re easy and inexpensive.

1. Add the Right Plants

Usually, the space underneath shade trees is so deficient in sunlight that planting in the empty area might seem such a waste. But don’t get discouraged! There are plenty of shade-loving and tolerant plants that will grow and thrive under shade trees’ canopy. Regarding your own preference, you can plant small flower beds around the trunk or prepare a more extended mini-garden to form a border. Colorful annuals like impatiens and coleus or blooming perennials such as astilbe or coralbells are just perfect. Choose plants that come in smaller containers, this will save cash and facilitate the planting process without damaging tree roots. If you want more color in the mini shade garden, plant some spring bulbs around the tree. However, by the time your trees develop leaves and fill in the canopy, the bulbs will disappear.

2. Cover With Mulch

Dress Trees Landscape

You should cover the exposed earth around the tree with mulch. There are various materials you can use as mulch, including wood chips, shredded bark, gravel and pine straws. To save the beauty of your garden, choose a mulch with preferable texture and color, then cover throughout the landscape. A unified mulch cover under flower beds and trees will give your garden a cleaner look.

In addition to ground covering and giving the place a neat image, mulch has numerous benefits that make it an essential element for gardens. Mulching will protect the tree trunks and roots from potential damages and accidental injuries. Make a clear mulch circle around the trees so you’ll know how much distance to keep while mowing and trimming.

Mulch coverings also regulate the soil temperature and protect it from extreme thermal conditions. Adding 2 to 4 inches of mulch will keep soil warm during winter, and protect the earth from heat in the summer. Heat regulation will prolong the life of plants with sensitive roots, particularly young trees. Mulching also inhibits water evaporation in sunlight-receiving areas, reduces soil erosion and hinders weed sprouting in the garden.

Be careful not to pile the mulch against the tree trunk. This might act as a pest shelter, resulting in potential diseases and infections. Try to create a mulch ring around the trunk and make sure the layer reaches the drip line (outside the canopy) of the tree. For more precision, create some landscape edging along the borders.

3. Use Garden Accents

Don’t stop at mulching and planting shade-tolerant greens. Try a few more garden hacks to fill the empty spaces as much as possible. Being natural and common elements, rocks can fill the void and also help with weed control. If you’re interested in theatrical vibes, feel free to add some landscape lights below the tree trunk. These lights create dramatic shadows and silhouettes during nighttime. You can also go further and build a fairy house with a cute, tiny garden!

Working on the empty space around trees might seem easy to maintain, but the results are highly rewarding. The easy tree dress-up tricks will enhance the beauty of your garden and create a beautiful focal point in your landscape. Properly performed tips will help with aesthetic development, meanwhile keeping the trees healthy and long-lasting.  

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