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How To Plant Shrubs | Good Online Magazine

How To Plant Shrubs

Shrubs are plants that should last many years in your garden if you take care of them, give them enough water and sunlight.

First thing you have to do is to dig a hole that’s at least 2 or 3 times wider than the plant itself. So, take the plant out of the container and check the width and the depth, the depth of the plant is the other very important part of the initial process.

Make sure that the plant will get enough sunlight.

plant will get enough sunlight

You want to dig a hole that has a firm foundation but you don’t want to make it any deeper than how the plant was growing in the container and preferably you want to plant it slightly high. A good way to do that is to take your tool or something with a straight length on it and rest it on the grade and then compare that to the base of the plant. Now you should look for an equal amount of height or something slightly higher.

* The worst thing you can do is to plant the shrubs too deeply and then the water just pulls into the center and potentially can drown your plants.

Break up the root ball to allow roots to become unrestricted

Break up the root ball

The other very important thing at this stage is to break up the root ball because the plant roots are tightly wound around and you have to break the roots up so that you can tease the growth of future roots out into the planting hole but if you don’t do this at this point chances are those roots are never going to grow in the new area and your plant is never going to fully establish. So, this is your only chance to give the roots an opportunity to break apart so they can start exploring their surroundings.

So, you’ve got the base, you’ve broke the roots apart and now it’s simply a matter of filling the hole with native soil. when you’re filling the hole keep in mind that the grade should be tapering slightly away from the center of the plant and out to the existing grade that way the water is not going to pool in the middle it will slowly runoff to the edges and that’s what you want. Use your Hands to firm the soil around the shrub, but don’t press on the root ball itself.

*Always remember that planting slightly high reduces the risk of excessive water accumulation.

Only Two More Things Left to Do: Add the Mulch and Water It In

Add the Mulch and Water It In

Watering it in is so critical at this point you have to establish the plant. The order doesn’t really matter but let’s start with adding the mulch. Add the mulch for about a one to two-inch (5-8cm) layer all the way around the perimeter of the plant.

When you are adding mulch there is one important thing that you need to do and that is to keep it away from the base of the plant about an inch or two at least. You don’t want to have the mulch coming in direct contact with the base of the plant, that sort of creates a way for certain pests or diseases that could potentially infect the plant.

*Be sure to add about a 2-inch (5-8cm) layer of natural mulch out to the dripline or beyond.

Now it’s time to water the plants. You can use a bubbler. It delivers a lot of water slowly and it does it in a rate where the water can just soak into the plant. A nice steady thorough soaking.

*You can Encourage the roots to spread by adding organic matter to the soil.

Remember to always water your shrubs and take care of them so that they can grow and flower every season.

And that’s it. If you follow those steps, you’ll plant the shrubs the right way every time.

Now because it’s your first time, it might take half an hour or more to do it but always remember to do everything correctly no matter how much time it takes. When you learn how to do plant the shrubs correctly, it’ll be much easier and faster.

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