Grow Tomato Plants

How to Grow Perfect Tomato Plants

Growing tomatoes might seem difficult, but don’t lost hope! Follow the expert tips below and you’ll easily learn to grow nice organic tomatoes at home.

Jill Vaughan from Defland Nurseries Ltd, member of the British Tomato Growers’ Association, has provided a list of simple tips on growing tomatoes.

Is Growing Tomato Easy?

The ease of tomato growing depends on the variety you choose. Cherry varieties are beginner-friendly; as you gain more experience overtime, you can also try growing trickier varieties like beefsteak and plum tomatoes.

While deciding on tomato variety, look for those that have received the RHS award for Garden Merit.

Can I Grow Tomatoes in Pots?

Tomatoes aren’t picky about where they’ve been planted as long as they receive adequate sunlight. Place the seedlings indoors beside a sunny window until they’re ready to be planted outside.

For tomato seeds planted in containers, you’ll need to provide them with liquid feed every other week.

If you’ve chosen a variety with tumbling stems, it’s probably a good idea to place them in hanging pots. For tall varieties, you’ll need supportive stakes to hold the plant still.

Best Time for Tomato Planting?

Grow Tomato Plants

About March is the best time to start growing tomatoes from seeds. Let the seedlings develop indoors and they shall be ready for planting outside by the end of May.

Experts always recommend to add 25% more seeds to the desired amount to compensate possible loss. This will allow you to choose the strongest of seedlings, as well. To grow seeds, you can use food containers or commercial seed trays which are available both in gardening stores and online. Go for trays at about 3 cm deep. Make sure the containers have drainage holes, then fill them with high quality seed compost and level the surface.

Plant the seeds 3 cm apart and cover them with a 4 mm-thick layer of compost. Use a water spray to moisten the compost. Cover the surface with a clear plastic or glass sheet, and put the containers in a warm place. Ideal germination temperature must be around 20 to 25 °C.

How Often Should I Water Tomatoes?

Grow Tomato Plants

Water the plants according to weather and size of your plants. Watering will help soil to surround the roots.

At early stages, it’s better to moisten the soil thoroughly to induce root deepening. However, once the plants enter fruit-developing phase, reduce the amount of water and make sure the soil is mildly moist. Extra watering might spoil the fruits.

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