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10 Effective Exercises to Do at Home

It’s understandable if you unintentionally miss the chance to exercise outside or be present at a fitness class due to responsibilities, unpleasant weather conditions or simply not being in the mood; current lockdown is yet another reason stopping us from attending a gym for some nice workout. However, everything mentioned above will not be excuses for you not to exercise at home! We have presented to you a list of simple and inexpensive yet effective practices to stay fit during your time at home.

Remember the Warm up!

Don’t Forget to Warm up

Home and gym workouts don’t differ in terms of warming up before getting into exercises. Warming up starts your physical engine and helps avoid possible injuries or cramps. Every minute of workout means more minutes of decent workout. Stretching will improve your flexibility, hence it’s a fine choice to begin with.

Warm-ups usually consist of light dynamic movements such as squatting, knee marches, or a gentle jog around the house that boosts muscle activity and intensifies your blood flow. They require little energy, while increasing your heart rate and blood pressure to a level optimal for safe workout. After you’re warmed up, it’s time to go for main workout!

1. The Plank

The Plank

Plank is probably the most inexpensive and simple workout practice anyone can do. But simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean easy route or less effectivity. You can set plank as your main workout practice, since it won’t require equipment or complex movements.

To do this move, get in a push-up position. Stable yourself on toes and arms, keep your legs and back in a straight line and make sure your shoulders follow. To hold this position, you’ll need to make good use of your glutes and abs. Stay still for about 30 seconds in one go, and try to keep in position 10 more seconds on next moves.

2. Follow Workout Videos

There’s a potential library of videos for almost anything you can set your mind on! For workout there is absolutely one rich collection of videos you can browse and get help from. According to your own requirements and preference, choose whatever workout style you want and watch the virtual guide help you through. You can also get nutrition advices to improve your physical status properly.

3. Try Dancing

Dancing fitness

If working out the classic way isn’t much appealing, you’ll be excited to know what wonders dancing can do at keeping you fit and in shape, improving your overall health and wellbeing in time. Dancing is a perfect workout method to be done at home; it’s fun, engaging, convenient and involving intense cardio practices. Since you’re at home with probably nobody to judge you, blast your favorite music and get wild! You don’t need to practice a certain dancing style, moving your body to the fullest and getting engaged in activities is the point.

4. Do a few Lunges


All you need for this practice, is some space to perform movements. Lunging is another simple and free practice for a workout routine. Fun thing is that you can even do this while walking around! For this movement, take a step forward and bend the front knee. Keep bending until your other knee has gone as low as possible, let it hit the floor if you’re flexible enough.

5. Use the Stairs

Use the Stairs

Walking up and down the stairs counts as a potential workout, but you can go further and incorporate it into your workout. Your body resisting against gravity of tracing the stairs is literally counted as cardio workout.

Stairs can be used as a warm-up step for aerobic practices, but simply running up and down can appear effective as workout. Resistance against gravity and putting your muscles to intense exercise will strengthen your leg muscles and improve cardiovascular status.

6. Skip on a Rope

Skipping Rope fitness

If you assume skipping ropes are for kids alone, you might want to reconsider. The simple and cheap equipment is an affordable way to do effective workout at home, helping you stay physically fit and improve your sense of balance and nerve coordination. All you need to do, is learn the technique. Again, no fancy tricks and methods are required. Hop on the rope until your leg muscles resist and you’re out of breath.

7. Yoga

Yoga at home

As easy as it seems, yoga is a perfect relaxing step to add to your workout routine. Get comfortably dressed, roll out a mat and you’ll be ready. Practicing yoga helps with strength and stability improvement, and as you get used to the techniques and movements your body will develop more flexibility, expanding the range of motion.

8. Do Pilates

Pilates at home

Pilates can be addressed as an intense version of yoga, since it incorporates your whole body, trains the core and extends joint movement range. You won’t need much equipment to practice Pilates. Overall intensity is lower than cardio, but it definitely helps with stamina improvement and flexibility and might even boost your mood and state of mind!

9. Dumbbells with a Difference

Dumbbells with water

Don’t get discouraged if you have no dumbbells available to practice weight training at home! Use some creativity and find suitable alternates for dumbbells. An easy example is bottles filled with water, and they appear actually effective!

A liter of water is equal to a 1-kg weight. This is a useful means to keep track of how much weight you’re lifting. You can improvise and put several water bottles in a bag for heavier weighs. Many people are using such methods to build their muscles at home when gyms are closed.

10. Sit Ups

Sit Ups fitness

This is as basic as you can get. Sit-up is a formidable and effective workout that trains the core and strengthen your middle muscles. To perform this practice properly, lie flat on the floor (mat if you prefer), bend your knees and place your soles firmly on the ground. Place your hands behind your head or on your chest, and bend at hips. Remember to keep your neck still. If you’re feeling tough, go ahead and twist sideways at each rep.

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