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Create Your Own Gym at Home

We’re not sure how long the current lockdown will take, and some people might be worrying about their interrupted gym schedule. If you have enough space at home, it’s definitely the perfect idea to prepare your own gym! This will not only motivate you to keep up with workout at home, but also will help you to use the unoccupied spaces at home. A spare room, an attic filled to the brim with useless and old stuff or the empty space by your bedroom will work just fine. A home gym can be enjoyed every day and at every time by family members; this means you can have a nice morning workout every single time you’re starting a new day!

1. Know What Makes a Home Gym Good

The key to gym perfection, is functionality. Make sure the space you’ve considered for your mini gym has enough room for a variety of exercises. For individuals used to workout at the gym, more space is required to meet the person’s expectations and needs, while preventing them from getting all cramped and uncomfortable. Equipment is not the only essential thing for your gym. You need a space to uplift your mood and get you in exercising spirit. Another perfect route of preparing the atmosphere for home workout, is to specify various spaces for every practice since every single exercise requires its own mentality and vibe. This means you should separate your yoga room from the weightlifting section.

2. Utilize Space

Regarding your needs and goals, see which spaces at your home are suitable for the desired exercise. For example, yoga will require no more than a small, quiet room with proper lighting in which you can relax without feeling any difficulty or discomfort. Same considerations go for every other activity you’re looking forward to do. For heavier practices such as weightlifting, cycling or threadmill you’ll obviously need more room. Height is another matter to be kept in mind. Intense exercises including a lot of jumping and such will require higher ceiling, for instance.

Home Gym

3. Let There Be Enough Light

Proper lighting is essential for your home gym. For light exercises such as Pilates or yoga, choose a room with soft lighting. Light intensity for more intense activities such as cardio or heavy workout shall be higher accordingly. Windows are the best sources of light, providing natural illumination. If your room has no windows, install a bunch of built-in LED strip lights around the ceiling. For brighter lights, use overhead down lamps. For ornamental purposes and adding spirit to the place, go for crystal or bronze light decoration and place a few items around your private gym.

4. Learn From Past Mistakes

Your perception of gym shall not be limited to equipment. Just as commercial and principled gyms, provide it with proper lighting, spacing and some good music if you prefer. The atmosphere must be attracting and motivating. The more you try to get the theme right, better you will feel when exercising in your very own gym!

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