Benefits Of Houseplants

Improve Your Health and Working Status By Keeping Houseplants at Your Workspace

Due to the current lockdown, a considerable number of people are working from home. It can be heartwarming to know that house plants have significant benefits for your health and can even improve your home workspace.

We’re not sure how long the lockdown will last, so adding some delightful plants to your workspace at home will definitely be rewarding!

Keeping greenery indoors is the perfect way to invite nature into your house, create a peaceful and attractive environment, and improve the overall image of your workspace. Furthermore, houseplants will grant you numerous health benefits.

Benefits Of Houseplants

1. Promote Your Concentration and Productivity

Studies from Exeter University (2014) indicate that houseplants are able to improve your productivity by 15%. According to the researchers, the very presence of plants in work offices will physically, intellectually and emotionally increase employees’ involvement in the job. Therefore, working in a green office will most likely improve your occupation.

2. Mitigate Stress and Disquiet

Most people are suffering extra work pressure these days, and the doubt due to lockdown state undeniably intensifies the stress. Hopefully, plants represent tranquility and the peaceful nature, thus they’re able to alleviate the stress and anxiety by 40%. The pure display of life shall appear instantly calming.

During a similar study from Washington state University (1996), workers were asked to accomplish computer tasks in rooms with and without plants. According to observations, working in green rooms resulted in higher productivity, less anxiety and lowered blood pressure.

3. Boost Air Quality

A study from NASA (1989) show that plants play a part when it comes to air purifying. During an experiment executed in Skylab space station, scientists detected 107 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that had adverse effects on general health. Object particles, pathogenic agents and dust may pollute the air, thus homes are possibly full of aerial contaminants. Plants are able to detoxify the air and decrease the amount of chemical pollutants.

Best Low-Maintenance Houseplants for Your Home Office

There’s a wide variety of houseplants you can keep indoors. Experts suggest:

Devil’s Ivy – This trailing plant will look amazing on a high shelf or in a hanging pot. Your ivy will need a generous amount of water during warm seasons, and plenty of indirect sunlight.

Cactus – These tropical plants are trouble-free, as long as they receive enough sunlight and occasional watering, they’ll be just fine.

Dracaena (Dragon Tree) – This plant will be at best conditions beside an east or west-facing window where it can receive adequate warmth.

Benefits Of Houseplants

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lilly) – The Peace Lilly does a magnificent job at air cleaning. For best vigor, provide your plant with sufficient moisture and keep it away from direct sunlight. This plant is tolerant to low light intensity.

Zamioculas (Zanzibar gem) – AKA the ZZ plant. If you’re looking for an easy-to-keep plant, this one might be the best choice. The Zanzibar gem will thrive on occasional watering, regardless of the light intensity.

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