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Plants Can Improve Your Health, Happiness and Well-being

Everyone is aware that vegetable-based diets have positive health effects. It’ll be delightful to learn that mother nature provides us with more benefits than we already know!

Plants’ benefits are more than mere representation of pure life and serenity. They are also capable of figuratively promoting our health, well-being and satisfaction.

1. Alleviate Anxiety

One of the top concerns nowadays, is psychological well-being. Everyone should consider self-care and pay attention. An easy solution to stress alleviation and mood improvement is adding plants around your home. Lavender is able to reduce heart rate and lower your blood pressure, hence it’s considered a magnificent stress buster. Given this fact, manufacturers include lavender essential oil in lotion and spray formulas. Another stress-reliever herb is Snake Plant. This herb mitigates anxiety, also may cure respiratory difficulties and relieve headaches.

2. Improve Your Sleep

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Many aspects of life, from personal wellbeing to working status and social interactions are extensively affected by sleep deprivation. Aloe Vera is a well-known plant that can also improve your sleep. Keeping a potted Aloe Vera on your bedside will increase oxygen level during the night; Therefore, you’ll most probably stay away from sleep disturbances or insomnia and enjoy adequate night’s sleep. Another soothing plant with aromatic flowers is Jasmine. It’s assumed that the aroma of Jasmine flowers is able to ease anxiety, help you to drift off and deepen your sleep.

3. Promote Productivity

It’s a proven fact that plants in offices can increase employee productivity. The presence of greenery indoors not only regulates humidity and CO2 levels, but the very representation of living plants can relieve mental pressure, mend exhaustion and assist with memory preservation. The mentioned benefits are able to boost employees’ energy. One of the well-known air purifying plants is Bamboo Palm. This plant eases breathing and improves thinking abilities. Golden Pothos is another mention-worthy plant you can keep at the office. This houseplant detoxifies the air and eliminates smells; thus it might be the perfect plant to keep by your fridge!

4. Cleanse The Air

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A great step you can make to improve your health and mental wellbeing is the elimination of chemical toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. Plants like Peace Lilly and Rubber Plant will do the air cleansing job for you. These plants are formidable air purifiers. Rubber plant’s detoxifying abilities are gradually enhanced. This plant can reduce the amount of harmful compositions, specifically formaldehyde. Peace Lilly is a perfect display of serenity, and according to the studies, it is able to improve air quality by 60%.

5. Renovate Hair Colour

If you’d prefer to spend less on hair-dye, a cheap and natural substitute might be the way. Sage is a natural remedy and when used as paste or ointment, it can recover gray hair and restore regular color back. Dark hair color fading? Brew some strong Black Tea, let it cool and apply to your hair. The natural compounds in this plant will give your hair a dark sheen.

6. Cure for Upset Stomach

Next time you get upset in the stomach, remember to use some mint leaves for instant treatment. Catnip aka Cat Weed is an ultimate feline favorite but it can have benefits for us people too. This plant is a variety of mint and will help cure flatulence, stomachache and migraines. Korean Mint is another plant of mint family that can be helpful during colds and flu.

7. Treat Infections

For centuries, people have used herbs to cure infections and they still do to this day. Our ascendants used Red Clover to treat coughs, colds and skin irritations in tea and ointment forms before synthetic medicines were widely available. Additionally, native Americans believed that Navajo Tea is the perfect remedy for urinal infections and will boost general health as well.

8. Keep Pests at Bay

If you’re annoyed by insects crawling inside your house, you might want to try Mint and Basil as repellent. The strong aroma of mint repels several creepy-crawlies including flies, mosquitoes and even mice. Also, you can plant basil around your house to prevent unwanted insect entering.

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