Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Generally, bathrooms are very prone to requiring a good clean up on regular basis. Regarding the current lockdown, most families are staying indoors which leads to constant bathroom usage. As you already know, constant use means you’ve got to put the toilet seat back on and pick up wet towels off the floor almost every single time you enter the bathroom. It’s definitely not a pleasant practice, but you really want to get the place cleaned up to perfection. Here are some tips to help you do the cleaning properly.

1. Clean Bathroom and Basins

After each use, wash and rinse the basin to keep it clean. All you need is a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner and a clean rug. Don’t forget cleaning spaces around plug hole and taps, since such areas are likely to collect grime yet be ignored.

2. Clean Grouts

Bathroom Cleaning

A toothbrush plus diluted bleach will work to clean the grouts. When you’re planning to design a new setup for your bathroom or changing the tiles, consider placing them tightly together to get the gaps as small as possible. This will prevent grout accumulation in hard-to-reach points.

3. Clean the Shower

After taking a bath or shower, make sure to leave the door open so the humid area gets time to dry up. This will also prevent developing mold. Wipe down wet tiles and dry off the shower tray. White vinegar will help clean glass screens. If you’ve got a shower curtain, throw it in the washing machine everytime you do laundry.

4. Clean the Taps

Metallic finish of taps might get damaged by coming in contact with toothpaste and soap in the long run. Best choice for tap cleaning, is washing up liquid. However if there are lines of lime formed around the edges, consider cleaning it with vinegar.

5. Clean Toilets

Bathroom Cleaning

You already know the importance of cleaning the toilet bowl, but don’t forget to wipe the external surfaces as well. All-purpose bathroom cleaners will be perfect. Don’t forget the toilet handle or flush buttons. Pour a cup of washing soda crystals or bicarbonate of soda down the bowl weekly to get rid of any nasty smell.

6. Store Toiletries Properly

Store toiletries somewhere out of sight yet easy to reach. Cleaning products and toiletries should all have their place in a cupboard and if your bathroom lacks storage it’s time to think about adding some furniture.

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