Clean Your Kitchen

Clean Your Kitchen in 15 Minutes!

Kitchens are one of those places with the highest potential to get messy and cluttered all over. Most of us spend hours preparing and having meals at our kitchens, so it’s easy to realize why it needs frequent cleaning. With the lives so busy nowadays, not many people can or would want to specify a lot of time enough time for kitchen clean-up. On the other hand, you can’t just leave it be and let everything accumulate just like that!

But no worries! We are here to help you clean your kitchen in the blink of an eye. Read through our step-by-step guide and learn to speed-clean your kitchen without leaving unattended messes behind.

Get Your Arsenal Prepared.

This is the initial step you’ll need to consider beforehand. Assemble everything you’ll need; from sponges and detergents to washcloths and cleaners. If you arrange everything in order, you’ll save time by knowing where everything is.

Scrub Them Off.

If you need to scrub dishes, do it directly into the disposal bin or onto another dirty dish so you’ll be able to throw scrubbings away at once.

Clean Your Kitchen

Fill The Sink with Warm Water.

Washing dishes is an everyday task you’ll need to tackle several times in a day. Scrubbing dishes and rinsing them individually consumes a lot of time; but you can speed up the process by pre-filling a sink with warm, soapy water. This will save you a lot of time for you won’t have to scrub and rinse every dish under running water, plus you’ll be saving water for better purposes.

Soak The Dishes.

If your dishes need some time to soak, let them so. You can do the rest of cleaning while they’re soaked and ready to be washed clean. Make sure large plates and bowls are filled with warm water, and allow some time until greasy or hard bits are soft enough to be washed off by hand.

Dispose of Trash.

Gathering garbage and disposal from around the kitchen and getting rid of them is a crucial yet big step in cleaning, be it kitchen or somewhere else. If your trash can is already full, get another trash bag and dispose anything unwanted.

Wash the Dishes.

By now, dishes should be soaked just fine. You can either wash your dishes by hand or throw them in the dishwashing machine to save more time. Rinsed dishes can be set aside to air dry or if you’re in a hurry, drying with a towel will work. Drain the dirty water and unclog the drainage if it’s blocked with food scraps.

Clean Your Kitchen
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Last Stage of Washing.

Dishwashing is finished by rinsing the sink and sponges. Then, get a washcloth and wipe around the sink edges and countertops. Check if there are bits and stains left on the stove or on microwave plate. Just wipe them clean with a rag and use some cleaning solution if necessary.

Treat The Floor.

Food bits and crumbs usually end up on the floor after preparing or having a meal. When you’re done with the dishes, get a mop or vacuum cleaner and show that floor some love!

Take Out Trash.

It’s best to take out a full trash bag right away, but if it can’t be accomplished right now, just take the trash bag outside so the bin would have enough space to gather other disposals in.

Bonus Tips

Your family or roommates should learn to participate in the cleaning process, at least rinse their own utensils and plates. It will get even better if everyone does a part of the cleaning routine so it’ll be done in less time. This easy-peasy task will not only help save time, but divides the pressure of cleaning up between people living under the same roof.

Teach your kids to participate in cleaning process as well. Ask them to accomplish small tasks, such as gathering disposals and trash or rinsing their own cups.

Clean Your Kitchen

Putting dishes and stuff out of the way is definitely a good idea, but quick-cleaning is not exactly the best time to arrange your cabinets! You can leave the main adjustments for later. This teaches you to remember to keep your cabinets and cooking utensils neat so you’ll have less to tidy up.

Larger spaces demand longer cleaning tasks sometimes. You can limit the cleaning job by occupying less space when cooking or preparing to have a meal.

Keeping your space neat and cleaning it regularly will help a lot to avoid having clutters and unbearable messes; This is especially true about kitchens. By quickly cleaning after each meal, you’ll have less to deal with for the time-to-time deep cleaning.

Dishes and utensils tend to get dirty during the process of preparing a meal. After you’ve finished working with foodstuff, take some time to wash used dishes, knives, cutting boards and cups. You’ll thank yourself later for having less dishes to do after the meal.

This tutorial will come extra helpful if you’re in a hurry; say, when unexpected company is soon to arrive, or you’re late to work. Just be careful with whatever you’re doing.

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