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Do Chickens Make Good Pets?

Chickens, avian in general, are widely recognized as livestock; which means they’re basically kept and reared with the purpose of producing goods (eggs, meat, feathers, etc.). That said, many people assume chickens are just ‘animals’ we people benefit from. But never forget that each and every species are living creatures capable of feelings that deserve to enjoy life.

Chickens are nowhere near the assumed concept of ‘dumb’ birds. In fact, their intelligence and sense of interaction will amaze you to a point where you’ll be delighted to see how high the potentials of chickens are to be adopted as a house pet!

If you’re not convinced yet, read through our list below to see how beneficial chicken keeping will be for your health (physical and mental) and financial status!

They Are Low Maintenance.

These birds are low maintenance and super easy to care for. Unlike most common pets (e.g. dogs, cats, rodents) you can adopt a chicken with a lot less expenses. They are omnivores which means they’ll be happy to feed on both vegetables and animal proteins.

A big advantage of chicken keeping is the for-once-and-for-all expense you pay to build them a nice housing coop; they won’t need frequent vaccinations and grooming like mammals do. Chickens are also not picky about their food and water bowl, hence you won’t need to pay extra to get them feeders.

If you’re concerned about the poop, good news for you: Chicken diapers are available at various sizes! Crazy indeed, but you can find diapers for your baby chick or mature house chicken to avoid getting manure all over the house. Speaking of manure, it can be a great source of fertilizing agents for your plants. You’ll be at advantage anyway!

Adopting chickens from broiler farms is not only humane act of trying to save a life, but will cost you a surprisingly little fee. Regardless of breed, any chicken can be trained into a cute and cuddly pet if you show them enough love and care.

There are various chicken breeds to choose from; you can decide based on their general behavior. Here’s a list of top-chosen breeds to help you through:

  • Silkies: loved by all chicken enthusiasts, silky chickens are famous for their fluffy and cuddly appearance. They’ll also be great moms if you decide to hatch little chicks at home!
  • Cochin: Another fluffy breed, you’ll be surprised by how active and intelligent Cochins are. You can even train them to respond when their name is called.
  • Bantams: Bantams are basically miniature versions of regular chickens. These breeds are just as hardy as their regular versions, but twice as low-maintenance and infinitely cute. Some particular bantams, Serama for example, are blessed with higher intelligence compared to others.

Perfect & Intelligent Pets They Are.

Chickens (baby chicks specifically) are just as cute and active as puppies and you’ll soon find yourself loving them to bits! In addition to charming behavior, chickens are intelligent birds with unique personalities.

A lot of chicken breeds bond easily with their owner, and will definitely respond well if you love and care for them. Spending quality time with chickens can never be boring- you can cuddle (they smell amazing!), play with them and even teach them tricks!

There’s nothing more hilarious than chickens lying in a sunny spot and grooming themselves. You can even take them outside to a park or beach, watch them play and run around and dust bathe while you have free fun to watch and laugh at!

Since not many people keep chickens these days, you’ll have plenty of funny stories to tell your friends when you’re discussing your pets. Also, you’ll soon find people referring to you as cool ‘chicken mom/dad’ and who doesn’t find it appealing!

Chickens are generally chill around other pets, but keep in mind that they might irritate dogs or get chased by cats. Be cautious if you already have other pets at home, and make sure they can get along with chickens.

They’ll Reward You with Eggs.

There’s no better protein source than fresh eggs, right? Once mature, grown-up hens will start producing eggs. This can be a perfect opportunity for you to provide your own egg supply. Eggs produced at home tend to have richer and darker yolks, better taste and tougher shells. It’s a great exchange of matter- chickens can feed on your food scraps and vegetable waste, and produce delicious and organic eggs for you!

Natural Garden Cleaners.

If you have a garden in the backyard, a great option to fight weeds and pest insects is to invite some chickens to naturally pick up any unwanted organism there. It’ll help you not only save cash but also avoid using chemicals on your garden.

Count on your chickens as walking, clucking and highly rewarding pest controllers! Their poop will also benefit the soil, due to all the nitrogen-rich compositions they defecate. You can throw their manure into your compost peat to enrich it with extra nutritious agents for plants.

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